Nursing License with Felony

  1. Hello. I am wondering if anyone has or knows of anyone in NYS who was able to get a LPN license with a Felony conviction. I'm asking because I live in NY and recently passed the NCLEX. However I am under a moral character review and submitted all my legal documentation with the Office of professional discipline for my application to be decided by the board. My conviction was in 2007 and out of state. I have moved on with my life and worked in the medical field as an EMT and currently Dialysis Tech. I also submitted to the board a NYS Certificate Of Relief From Disabilities for that conviction which I hope helps. Please if anyone has insight or knowledge on this, I would appreciate it. Also if I have to go for a hearing, does that mean I am not getting my license? :-(
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  3. by   scully4174
    You'll be fine. Relax. I have a felony also and I am a licensed nurse. And working for years now. I had to go in front of the board and more than likely you will also. Get an attorney do not go alone. Have at least 3 witnesses you can call on your behalf. Just be truthful and admit to your mistake and own it. **** happens. I had 4 members on the board you need at least 3 to say yes. It's like a court room so be ready for it.
  4. by   RN4vets
    Wholeheartedly agree with scully4174. "Get an attorney, do not go alone. Have at least 3 witnesses you can call on your behalf. Just be truthful and admit to your mistake and own it."
  5. by   desperado316
    How long did it take for the board to tell you that you were going to need a hearing? I want to get a lawyer right now but not sure if I should spend the money until something comes up. Its good to hear someone who been through this before.
  6. by   scully4174
    Your under moral character review. You're going to go in front of the board. Get a lawyer now so you will know they cost and get everything ready. If you were in upstate I'd tell you my lawyer. I believe you request the board or they send you a date. The most important part is the prosecution that person can make a recommendation of denial they will not make a recommendation of approval. They influence the. Board. I had a very nice one and it helps with lawyer. After the hearing the will tell you that you will hear something within 2-3 months. I got a letter saying they will not appeal board choice and two weeks later I had my license. It's a process and good learning experience. I believe Witt this second chance you will understand how hoard you worked for this. Chin up good luck
  7. by   StudentRN_1990
    Wait a min. New York made you eligible to take the nclex, before they approved your license?
  8. by   scully4174
    Yes they will let you sit for the nclex. That does not mean your going to get your license.
  9. by   desperado316
    Just wanted to let everyone know I got my license and did not need a hearing. God is good as I am kissing the license in my hands right now. Thank you all for your insight
  10. by   desperado316
    I got my license without any issues. Took a little longer but its ok
  11. by   desperado316
    I got my license and did not need a hearing. God is good
  12. by   NewRN112
    Hello Scully4174,

    Is it a must to have an attorney present? What questions do they ask. I found out today that I have to go for a hearing but I was not planning on hiring an attorney. I live in NYS and was convicted of 2 counts of grand larceny C felony 10 years ago. I passed the NCLEX and is now waiting to get my license. Can you please advise and recommend your attorney?
  13. by   desperado316
    Wow. I'm sorry to hear this. I hope everything is going ok with you now.
  14. by   Madi22
    Hi I went through the same thing here in Nys, I went in Jan 2017 and I am still waiting 7 months later . My prosecutor was really nasty to mean she recommended that I don't get licensed . Even my attorney was surprised. My crime back in 2005 was id theft. How was your prosecutor ? This is by far the worst thing I've been through the waiting is so anguishing. My process started in 2015 after nclex and I'm still waiting. Any advise?