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  1. Hey everyone I am sooo stressed! Let me give you a little background. I graduated in May from an RN program and my file was sent to enforcement at the end of March. I sent in the declaratory order and an explanation of what happened. I have a misdemeanor for insufficient funds back in 2009. I've called but they still tell me that it's in enforcement. I'm a single mother of three and have been waiting to graduate so that I could take care of my family. And now that I've graduated I still can't do that. I was wondering if people could let me know how long they waited so maybe I could get an average time line. When I called the Texas BON enforcement department in July they said that my file was in review and that there was 800 people waiting. It's been almost 6 mos! I So need some encouragement so that I don't go into complete panic mode. Thanks so much :redpinkhe
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    Well thank you for the encouragement just wanted to let you know that I called the enforcement department today and they said that I have been conditionally approved and that I will get a letter in the mail in 4-6 wks to explain everything Im super excited and send my prayers out to everyone else out there waiting for there good news. :redpinkhe Good Luck!
  4. by   mandrews
    So glad you were able to finally get some information. I feel for you. I have a friend that was the single mom of two. The oldest a teen who got mad at mom for taking away her phone. Right before graduation she was arrested for child abuse. Her daughter told her paternal grandma she was abused to get back at mom. Grandma called the school and the police. The school investigated as well as the state. the BON told her she could not even work as a cna until cleared. They had to move to low income housing, and the teen was removed from the home (had to go to a scary girls home, LOL). It took from September - july for her to get cleared (graduated in december) and to get her daughter back.
    She is happily married now and has been working as a cardiac nurse for several years. The home took the brat out of her daughter who missed out on cheer camp, and alot of other activitys. Thank God they are all doing fine now.
    Hope you begin work soon.
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    Just wanted to leave an update to my situation... the board of nursing approved me to sit for the exam... I have stipulations put on my license... such as I have to let every employer know of the stipulations, I have to pay a fine, I have to work under another nurse with more experience for one year and complete a nursing jurisprudence course. So it’s not to bad... hope I’ll be able to find a job with those stipulations (actually im pretty worried about that ) but trying to stay positive, so if you know of anyone with similar situation let me know thanks and good luck to those still waiting to hear from there board.
  6. by   Meriwhen
    You cleared a pretty big hurdle by getting your license (well, being able to sit for the exam) in the first place, so take heart in that. Best of luck.