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  1. I am in my last semester of pre-nusring...n I have a first offenders felony conviction...I did all the probation and even did six months in the county jail for probation violation. I still keep my first felony is possession of marijuana with the intend to distribute. I have not be in any more trouble and I recieved this charge as a result of domestic violence did not know drugs was in my car pulled over by cops...quater pound of weed in my car boyfriend would not claim it and told if I told on him he would kill me n my children...(he is know serving 20 years for abuse he posed on me n my children)... The distribution was due to the way it was bagged up. My life has been hell for the last seven years homeless living in hotels because I cant get an apt b/c of the felony, jobless and hopeless. I finally got into a low income home and started school to change my life...will the felony that has plagued my life stop me from becoming a nurse my dream job...I was a CNA for ten years never had anything on my licences...its been a long road recovering from my situation...I was WHAT TO BE BACK ON MY PATH OF LIVING OUT MY DREAMS AS BECOME A REGISTERED NURSE
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    I moved your post to the licensure with criminal history forum to encourage responses.
  4. by   twinsmom788
    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, however, a felony will likely keep you from becoming an RN. I would recommend researching your state rules for who can become an RN regarding background situations. Don't depend on your school to tell you that if you are admitted, then you can become licensed when you pass your boards.
    All the best to you.
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    I found out that... With my first offenders I did not have a guilty pleas and can have it sealed from my record my probation officer did not put in a order of discharge so I have to go to the county clercks office n get my disposition then take it to my probation officer to teaching the judge to have my record sealed. Then when a company do a background check on me if it do shows up I can tell them not to disclose due to first offender n its not public record...I have to get my arrest restricted by im good too go....NOW IF YOU HAVE A VIOLENT CTIMEOR SEX OFFENDER GIVE IT cant be a nurse... And sum DUI's they will not give you ur lisences...IM FIGHTING WITH ALL MY MIGHT IT JUST TAKES A LITTLE RESEARCH TO FIND UR ANSWER...THANKS