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  1. Has anyone gone through Kaiser's background check and had their position revoked? I have a misdeamenor "wet reckless" and have just started the hiring process. I'm terrified this will disqualify me. It was a terrible one time mistake
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I had a friend with a DUI who had an offer revoked and she wasn't even a nurse.
  4. by   Meriwhen
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    OP: I don't know if Kaiser will revoke your offer. A lot depends on how you answered any criminal history questions on the application. While a wet wreck isn't a DUI, it is considered a misdemeanor. If you answered "No" to the criminal history question and Kaiser finds out about the wet wreck, the odds are likely that your offer will be revoked, not so much for the wet wreck itself as for your answering "No" and failing to disclose it.

    If you answered "Yes", it's not an automatic job-ender. A lot of nurses with criminal histories including alcohol-related offenses have been able to get hired. And while a wet wreck is not great to have on your record, it is somewhat better than having a DUI.

    Since you can't undo the wet wreck, work on damage control. Be prepared to address this should it come up at any point and provide any additional information requested. Work on your statement to provide that shows you accepted responsibility for your action, learned from this experience that this was and will be a one-time mistake.

    If you didn't disclose the wet wreck in the first place, you may want to consider being proactive and addressing it first. Explain that you didn't know it was something you needed to disclose and provide the statement suggested in the previous paragraph. I know that there are some here who will advise you to keep your mouth shut as it may not come up in their background check...and there's a small chance what they say will happen. But as the odds are good that, being a misdemeanor, a wet wreck will show up in a background check, I can't say I endorse their recommendation. But that is a decision you will have to make for yourself.

    And definitely make sure that this WILL BE a one-time mistake, as another alcohol/vehicle conviction will result in that first wet wreck being treated as a DUI.

    Best of luck.
  5. by   AloeBlox
    I have two friends that work in Kaiser therefore they know many nurses in their hospital one of them caught a dui while working there he still works but just has to follow the brn probation stuff they require for 2 years but Kaiser doesn't require anything, another person he knows has a wet reckless with no rn license discipline and got hired with no restrictions at all in critical care
  6. by   Mtorres4282
    If dui got expunged will employer still find it on background check