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I am graduating nursing school in December. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later... Read More

  1. by   miria
    Good luck Liberty Tx and everyone
  2. by   miria
    Enforcement dept. takes 4-6.5 months just reviewing the case. Some less time, some actually take up the 6.5 months as in my case
  3. by   LibertyTX
    Thank you for the reply, miria. MIP-alcohol is Minor in Possession of alcohol (no arrest, just a ticket). Was you second offence also a DWI? I have read on the Board's website that they discipline for 2 or more DWIs, but it says nothing about 1. I guess it is the combination of charges that is holding mine up? Maybe just protocol for DWIs, period? I have no idea. It is so frustrating to have your career in the hands of someone else.
    Just in case you or anyone else are interested, this is the list of the Board's disciplinary actions for certain charges:
    Disciplinary Guidelines for Criminal Conduct
    Were you assertive with the BON? Just this past week I have sent letters pleading my case to Board members. Not sure if that will make a difference, or not. I wish that my school would have stressed the importance of starting this process early if you have ANYTHING on your record. After reading these threads, I have learned that several schools don't admit students without clearing the FBI background check, and I think that is great. Keeps people out of situations like ours!
    I read one post where someone was cleared in 3 months and also someone who was cleared in less than a month after being sent to enforcement. I am hoping that I will be so lucky.
    When you interviewed for the 12 jobs you passed up, were you up front about the enforcement review? I have an upcoming interview for a "dream job" and I can't even get excited about it d/t all of this. Sucks, but it is my fault and no one else's.
  4. by   miria
    Liberty TX,

    What happened with the job was that I interviewed for one with the thought of my case being resolved by the time of interview. They kept my resume and kept passing it around the healthcare system, and each time they called to offer a job, I had to turn the job down.

    Also, I had been personally referred by the university's nusing staff to different jobs and when they called, turn those jobs down too. So even though I was not looking for a job due to all this, the offers would come anyway.

    And yes I did tell them up front, they were very understanding and said they would keep me in first position as soon as I wa licensed. I guess I had a pretty good interview to do the least lol but it cant go anywhere else until all ths is resolved. The best to do is to be up front.
  5. by   miria

    By the way, based on my experience, I do not think your case will be like mine. It may be resolved a lot sooner
  6. by   LibertyTX
    Thanks again, miria, for the reply.
    I am glad that you are toward the end of all of this.... I am only beginning to imagine the frustration of a long wait. I am trying not to obsess over it and just make the most of every day. I am (probably naively) hoping that my case will be resolved by October, but all I can do is wait and see. I plan to call the Board in the next few days to see if there are any updates on my case.
    I found this interesting piece of info while searching this site on TXBON disciplinary action... according to this, I SHOULD be good to go! Like I said earlier, I bet it is the combo of charges that got me!

    The criminal offenses considered not to be sufficiently related to the practice of nursing as to warrant an investigation or disciplinary action are:
    1. One misdemeanor DWI/DUI (not on probation)
    2. One misdemeanor offense of possession of marijuana
    3. Up to two misdemeanor theft by check
    4. One misdemeanor domestic/family violence
    5. One misdemeanor theft over $20 less than $250 (normally assoc. with shoplifting)
    6. One misdemeanor shop lifting
    7. One misdemeanor criminal mischief
    8. Misdemeanor graffiti
    9. One misdemeanor criminal trespass
    10. One misdemeanor disorderly conduct
    11. Up to two misdemeanor Public Intoxication
    12. Up to two misdemeanor Pan Handling
    13. Misdemeanor “loud noise” violations
    14. One misdemeanor Reckless Driving
    15. Misdemeanor minor in possession of tobacco
    16. One misdemeanor selling alcohol to a minor
    17. Failure to appear
    18. Vehicular molestation (slashing tires)
  7. by   miria

    I was told once by an attorney that they aren't too harsh when it came to offenses that occurred as a minor. I believe you will be ok a lot sooner. It was also my understanding that they refer most cases to enforcement that have anything on the background check, so more than likely this is routine.

    Best Wishes
  8. by   LibertyTX
    Miria - thanks for your supportive words. I will post again when I have some news regarding this whole mess
  9. by   Floxy
    My letter came back and it said i need a chemical dependency evaluation from an article 15 that happened in in December of 1999. This is BS does anyone know how long it takes after the evaluation is done to be cleared? My friends were involved not me and my drug tests results were clean. This is so disappointing and stressful! I have all my original test results which i will show the evaluator does anyone know how the evaluators dimeanors are? Are they out to get you?
  10. by   miri279

    The good news is enforcement did not take the full time and/or over to reply to you with the chemical evaluation request. It was about 7 months before I heard from enforcement and those few weeks do make a difference.

    The best is to get your evaluation done asap. The longer you wait, the longer it takes for your report to get back to the Board, further delaying their response.

    As far as if the evaluators are out to get you, not sure about that. I believe that if your evaluator determines you are low risk, your sobriety remains, and complete the necessary exams without trouble ( Minnesota Personality Test and SASSI to evaluate for dependency and drug abuse behaviors and stressors), you will more than likely get a favorable response from the evaluator.

    You do have the option to choose your evaluator so this might decrease your concern of getting someone who you might not be comfortable with.

    I strongly suggest you call your evaluator yourself when setting up an appointment, talk to them about your situation and see what kind of response you get. Almost all will say there is no way of telling because results depend on what shows on these exams, nonetheless, this will help you in determining who to choose.

    Hope this helps and hang in there, eventaully it will be resolved. I felt that frustration as well.

    Best of luck and best wishes
  11. by   anthongy817
    Hi all. Do you all know if TBON look at juvenile misdemeanors more lightly? I have a total of five misdemeanors that are around 10 years old when I was juvenile.

    TBON uses L-1 Identity to conduct their fingerprinting background check. If I pay extra for the personal review, will it list everything that TBON will be see on my background? If not, which background checking company would be best to get my full rap sheet?

    Also, if a declaratory orders goes to enforcement, can you add any additional information to it later down the time line? I'm planning on submitting my declaratory order first, then petition to have my juvenile records sealed.

  12. by   MissRNBlue803
    Quote from MSTXnurse
    Finally got a TBON RN number, praise GOD!! Thanks for going through this with me... Will continue to check in and on you all.. Hope all ends soon..
    congrats!!! still waiting on mines
  13. by   LibertyTX
    I was officially cleared today and also received my ATT! It took exactly 3 weeks from the time I mailed my $150 to Enforcement. For those of you with a similar situation as mine, it CAN happen fast!