dui and nursing school

  1. I have 2 dui's, one pending and one conviction. the second one was before I started looking into nursing. 2 years ago. Since then I have not been to court for the second it keeps getting postponed. Anyway since then I have been active in a AA program, completed the required treatment by the state, as well as done extra to document my recovery. It wasn't until I changed my life that I realized I would like to be a nurse and help people in the recovery field as one. I have maintained a 3.8 GPA in all prereqs., been on the honor society as a ambassador for the school. I have not been court ordered to rehabilitate, but decided a life change was needed. My school says the dui will not stop them from accepting me, but clinicals may be an issue, and the bon for ga and the counselor I work with handles nurses says if rehabilitation is documented things should go o.k.

    Has anyone else had experiences similar to this with the GA BON and with nursing schools in GA.
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    How old are your DUIs?