Dui 4 years ago 2 years before nursing school in NJ

  1. So 4 years ago I got a dui with an accident. It was 2 years before I started nursing school. That incident changed my entire life and I went back to school to become a nurse. I recently graduated and received my ATT from the NJBON. I am now worried that after taking my NCLEX the board will deny my license or implement serious sanctions against me. I have heard a story about one person who got a dui 3 years before nursing school and NJ made it so difficult that he opted to get his license in NY instead. I have heard other stories where people got their license no problem and no restrictions. Does anyone have any experience with this in NJ specifically. I admitted to it on my application submitted all necessary paperwork and wrote an awesome letter of explanation regarding the circumstances. Any insight would be extremely appreciated.
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