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So 4 years ago I got a dui with an accident. It was 2 years before I started nursing school. That incident changed my entire life and I went back to school to become a nurse. I recently graduated and received my ATT from the NJBON. I am now worried that after taking my NCLEX the board will deny my license or implement serious sanctions against me. I have heard a story about one person who got a dui 3 years before nursing school and NJ made it so difficult that he opted to get his license in NY instead. I have heard other stories where people got their license no problem and no restrictions. Does anyone have any experience with this in NJ specifically. I admitted to it on my application submitted all necessary paperwork and wrote an awesome letter of explanation regarding the circumstances. Any insight would be extremely appreciated.

Just received my unencumbered RN license number today. For all of you who have a past it is possible just work hard and learn from your mistakes

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I was told I need a RAMP evaluation due to the court requiring an interlock in my car for 6 months. My DUI was in NY and there they require an interlock no matter what level of offense (unlike NJ). They draw a line in the sand over arbitrary details and seem to not treat everyone the same way. Sucks they don't truly take these things on a case by case basis.

Hi Julestarz, I was just wondering if the school and clinical site had a problem with your conviction? Did you have to explain your situation?

No I passed the criminal background check because in NJ a dui is a motor vehicle offense not a criminal offense. School doesn't pull your driving abstract but the licensure board does.

How long did it take to get license number since passing NCLEX?

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It took me 4 months to get my license. Hired a lawyer to get the process moving faster.

Ohh. My bf passed NCLEX May 10th. He handed in all necessary paperwork and they said they review first Friday of every month EXCEPT August. Yesterday no number posted online, but I was wondering if they would post pon due to holiday?

Idk if we will receive something else in the mail now or if his number will post any day. This is a painful process. We just had a baby and was depending on that income to assist in our lives. Idk why they choose to make people pay for past mistakes they’ve already paid for.

His school also should do a better job at prepping people for this type of headache if they are in similar situations.

Im a nurse too with no history as such but I certainly don’t pass judgement.

How did you find your lawyer? And how long to obtain license after you retained a lawyer?

I'm in NJ and they didnt make me go up for review. I passed my NCLEX jily 7th and 1 month later Aug 7th my license was active. Just submitted all the necessary paperwork and a letter of explanation regarding the circumstances. Said it was a 1 time thing before I ever contemplated being a nurse, I had never been in trouble before or after, ect... I called daily to check on my case. They had told me I was going to be up for board review mid August but instead they issued me my license.

When you call the board of nursing, who do you ask for? Do you go to the criminal background section and just speak To any rep you get?

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honestly I only got any information and sped the process up because I found a lawyer online who had experience with helping people get their nursing licenses. so he had contacts. there are also nurse lawyers who can help.

did he have an interlock installed in his car? if so, or even if not at this point, the board is super strict these days. they want to make sure the nurses they grant licenses to have no substance abuse issues. they will most likely send a letter requiring him to get evaluated through RAMP.

On 5/25/2019 at 11:15 AM, Julestarz1226 said:

No I passed the criminal background check because in NJ a dui is a motor vehicle offense not a criminal offense. School doesn't pull your driving abstract but the licensure board does.

Jules, was wondering how do you know the nursing board runs your driving abstract?

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