Can you get something from you nursing license expunged?

  1. Can you get something from you nursing license expunged? it has be 9 years, I was turned in the board for a med error, that a client claim nothing was done for them. The Rn in Charge took care of the situation. but the board say cause i did not call the Dr and I was not the one who charted it, i was fine and took courses. My license was never suspended.
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    Gurrrl, u need to rewrite this post to at least sound phonetically appropriate!

    Then we'll talk.

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    I think we need to remember that we have international members here at AN and it is very possible that at any given time the person posting may not be in the United States. We also need to consider that we have many members that English is not their first language. Whether or not this applies here......I do not know.

    OP....from my understanding you had a disciplinary action taken on your license by the Board of Nursing....there are no expiration dates on disciplinary actions against your license and it is often asked by employers "Have you ever had disciplinary action against your license?" So unlike criminal type offenses they are not...expunged. Your compliance with the action is also recorded.

    You need to contact your state's BON fro a definitive answer or contact a lawyer.