1. I have a criminal background for welfare fraud with a dismissal 1385 PC. I talked to many CA professional licensure lawyers in which some indicated that I can indicate that I was not convicted on the application, while others indicated yes to disclose. I am stuck in between because the most well known lawyer for defending situations like mine has told me to put no, however, the CA BRN application says to disclose cases that were dismissed or plead no contest (which I did but mine was withdrawn). Has anyone with a 1385 PC dismissal had the same situation? Please help. Thank you!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Honestly, you need a lawyer who specializes in the BON- because one who defends persons with your type of issue only sees it from the defense position. OF COURSE that is what such a lawyer is going to tell you.

    Bottom line: If the BON says to disclose- you disclose. The LAST thing you want is to not disclose and get found out. The cover-up is almost always treated worse then the crime itself.
  4. by   Hutzell80
    Yeah, I completely agree that in this case, a BON lawyer was the need. I am happy that you explained all the reasons here. In same way, my cousin hired a top lawyer to fight her DUI charges and got them dismissed.
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  5. by   nalie2
    Were you arrested? I got my charge expunged and thought that meant my criminal record was cleared. It does not mean that! The nursing board requests an FBI background check and that will show any charges/arrests you had. I requested my state background record and since my charge showed up, I will be submitting all my paperwork regarding the expunged charge. Try requesting your own background check to see if it shows up, and if it does then I would suggest gathering your paperwork for it.
  6. by   Tdizzle
    No I was not physically arrested but I turned myself in, which I have fingerprints. Yes, I have requested the court dockets and my criminal background history which does indicate that there is a dismissal 1385 PC. Yes, the paperwork does show that I have fingerprints and was supposed to be a felony but never went that route. I hired a lawyer who specializes in working with the BRN and hopefully will work hard for me.