1. Dear Nurses,

    My name is Debie and I am in the process of applying to the competitive nursing program at my local college in New Jersey and also a nursing program in Pennsylvania (St. Lukes School of Nursing). My issue I am dealing with is the fact that yes, I have made mistakes in my life dated seven years or more ago. I have recently spoke with a lawyer and only two of the four cases can be expunged due to the conditional discharge program I did which in New Jersey means that was my only "expungement". The other two offenses were shoplifting (I stole underwear from Kohl's <---- I know it sounds silly) and simple assault (I defended myself while being beat by an ex-boyfriend which resulted in seventy-five stitches to my head.)
    With that said, I'm nervous of not being accepted into either programs because of the shoplifting and simple assault charges (my lawyer says that the two offenses are not crimes and are disorderly person offenses) that cannot be expunged from my record. Any advice or similar situations and how the process goes will be greatly appreciated.
    What do I say on the application?
    How will finger printing results effect me?

    Thank You
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  3. by   roser13
    All you can do is tell the truth. If you're really asking if you can omit or lie, the answer is no.

    Not sure what you mean by the fingerprinting results? If you tell the truth about your history, there would be nothing in the fingerprinting results that you wouldn't already have disclosed.
  4. by   Esme12
    your thread was moved to criminal history forum for best advice...we have many nurses here that know what you are going through and can help you. This is a moderated forum so responses may have a delay.

    Be sure your lawyer has experience in licensing issues for even when you graduate nursing school you have to apply for licensure...the state will have a different point of view from your school.
  5. by   dcowan84.dc
    Thank you for your advice! I would never lie and was mainly wondering how I go about it. I'm new to this website, so thank you for redirecting me to the right forum ��