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Nursing License

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If I previously had an Indiana nursing license but moved to Arizona and have a current AZ license. How do I transfer my AZ license back to Indiana? It’s is expired  now

TriciaJ, RN

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Go on the Indiana BON website and find out their current licensure requirements.

Are you saying you currently have no active license?  Yes, you'll need to make contact with Indiana so they can advise you.

Are you a resident of AZ?  If not, rather than applying for licensure by endorsement, you might be able to reinstate your lapses license. This is an easier option that some states allow.  This question is best directed to the IN BON.

If you are a resident of AZ, does your license provide multi-state privileges?  If so, you won't be able to obtain licensure in IN as well.  Howwver, if you relocate to IN and apply for licensure by endorsement, you will ba ablebto work on your AZ license while your IN license is being processes.  When your IN license is issued, yor AZ license will be inactivated. 

If you license doesn't provide multi-state privileges, you still might not be able to obtain licensure in IN.  Again, this is a question best directed to the IN BON.  If you are planning on relocating to IN, it might be easiest to apply for multi-state privileges on your AZ license.

Best wishes.

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