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Nursing jobs in South Florida and lsewhere


*Forgive the title I was typing fast, I mean "Elsewhere"*

I wanted to post and ask any of the new grads how their endeavors have been trying to find a job here in Florida. Fort Lauderdale to be exact. Im still in school, but i have a few friends who just graduated and they seem to be having a terrible time finding work. Lots of area hospitals arent hiring new grads, and some have their jobs only open to their tuition students. I feel kinda bad for my friends and really shocked because theres suppposed to be this huge shortage, and it isnt looking that way right now. Im beginning to wonder if i'll have the same problems when i graduate. Is there anyone out there who had to wait months after graduating to find work in florida? And if your not in Florida, how is it in your region?:sniff:

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I am in N. Ca it's bad here as well. I have a couple of friends that graduated last May and still do not have jobs. One classmate of mine had to relocate to another state. This is really scary, I am still taking my pre-reqs and the thought of not finding a job after all this hard work really weighs heavily on the brain :(. But it's the economy and all my classmates that are other majors are worried as well.

Hi from Michigan,

Things here are also slow. People are still getting jobs, just nothing like it was in years past.

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Same here in Central Florida on the East Coast. New grads not finding jobs and same with experienced nurses if your experience is outside of the area specified. I recently left Dialysis nursing yet have a strong critical care background and am having a hard time finding jobs unless I go back into dialysis (ugh). I know if it's hard for someone with 28 years in the field I cant imagine how it would be for new grads. :(

Wow. Im amazed. I had no idea things were the same in so many different areas. How could there be a shortage? I mean I know the econ. is not so great, but people are sick! And need care! I just went to our area hospital website www.browardhealth.org and went to careers. They actually have jobs open but alot of them require a year or more of experience. Hmm I guess we just have to pray and hope for the best. Dont give up, were working too hard for this. They need us.


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Hey there. I work at Memorial Regional and it's hard for new grads (or old grads) too. They put a freeze on all hires b/c "things are bad."

Some of my friends do agency work on the side and are getting spotty jobs, but you need experience for that. i'm taking a critical care course with a bunch of new grad (graduated in april, may of this year) that work at Holy Cross... Check them out :)

Thanks NurseStephRN, I have a friend thats a CNA at Memorial. She's been there for like 10 yrs and loves it. Some nurses that teach at B.C are from your hospital and they have nothing but great things to say as well. I hope the freeze, ends swiftly for the new grads. One girl interviewed in Gainsville and was hired on the spot. Since hearing this my friend is thinking of relocating, so I guess thats puts how bad it is in perspective. I'll let her know about HolyCross. Thanks again.

I'm in south florida...pembroke pines to be exact. I have been a nurse for 2 years and unemployed for about a month. I know of several new grads who have been looking for a job for 6 months with no luck. They had to take a job at a home health agency for pennies...$19 an hour.

I have filled out at least 30 to 50 applications. Only 2 call backs and I am very proactive with my job search. Even experienced nurses in S FL are having problems finding work.

I spoke with a recruiter at Broward General who informed me that within a week of a job posting there is about 100 applicants and that I'm lucky if I get a call for an interview within a couple weeks of filling out an applicarion because the average time frame for a call back is a month and a half!!!!

Hi Shelly,

Would you be able to send me a massage with your contact information I would like to apply to the jobs you meantion (below)...


I have 3 RN positions available in Polk County that will accept new graduates. They pay $29.50.

I also have home health RN positions available paying $40-$50 per visit in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

Wow. I was recently told to accept the scholarships at the local Memorial because they at least hire them before anyone else. I have faith things will look up soon


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oh absolutely! even though I went to Barry for nursing school, I was still accepted as a scholarship recipient for BCC/Memorial. the lady who was in charge of the scholarships is jacque vitale. i don't remember her phone number, but her office is at the BC South Campus on Pines Blvd.

after graduation, she held an open house for the new grads/scholarship recipients at Memorial Regional where we met with all the nurse managers and got to tour the units and were the first applicants for available positions.

get in contact with jacque and apply!!!

good luck!


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This topic is all over a number of other threads, look for them.

I have posted at least 4 times about the situation in So Fl. Palm Beach County to be exact.

The market is very tight for experienced RNs and almost non existant for new grads and LPNs.

I have 1 new grad friend who has been actively looking for almost a year-not even any interviews. I have a very good friend who has over 10 years of ICU and Tele and ER experience, she just got a job after 10 months of looking.

Again, on the count of 3....1..2...3....THERE IS NO NURSING SHORTAGE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!