Will I have any trouble with this Rx?

  1. My psychiatrist prescribes me Ativan 1mg QD PRN panic. I have taken about 3 in the last 10 months. I did take 1mg on 2-15 and 1mg 2-16. I took my pre-employment drug screen for the hospital I'm going to work at on 2-22-13 and I wrote down on the paper that asked if you take any meds that I'm prescribed Ativan. I honestly would be surprised if they were detected but I listed my Rx anyway. Do you think the hospital will frown upon me taking Ativan? Will I have any trouble with this Rx? I also have an old Rx for Xanax dated from 2011. Does each pill show up individually or will they both show up under benzodiazepines since that's what they both are and if so will my Ativan Rx cover it? My Xanax Rx is from 2011 and I'm worried they may say something about the date..any idea how long it takes to get drug screen results back? Although it was done it the hospital I noticed they were sending it out by UPS. I have my appointment with the human resource manager Tuesday morning so I'm hoping its back by then. Also, how long does it take to run a background check? just for the record I was on Xanax then switched to Ativan- I'm not a pill junkie I get Such bad panic attacks I've had to go the the ER before so benzodiazepines are a big help if I go into an attack.
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  3. by   ckh23
    This should not be an issue. You are prescribed it and you were upfront about. The only thing they may ask for a verification of the prescription.

    Your drug screen will only be positive for benzos, they will not test individual drugs. Background checks usually take a week or two to get the results back. And your specimen was collected at the hospital, but probably sent to another facility for actual testing.
  4. by   SionainnRN
    Keep in mind that they still may not hire you due to you Ativan use, even though you have a legit prescription for it. Having a nurse with benzo's on board opens up liability for them if anything should ever happen with you.
  5. by   twopurpleskittles
    I agree with the previous posts and would like to add the following... If you take prescriptions like narcs, benzos, even though they are prescribed, and you make serious mistake, you will be held at fault because they will say you were impaired. Just food for thought. Years ago, I was on pain meds for a foot injury but did not take them because I was working in the ICU. A seasoned RN told me what I'm telling you. It made perfect sense so I didn't take them and suffered through it with motrin.
  6. by   Bortaz, RN
    You're the only nurse that takes Ativan unless you count the other 10000000 that take it.

    What I mean to say is, no...they probably won't care if you're taking a prescribed med, as long as you're not impaired or abusing it.
  7. by   newnurse1986
    I passed my urine screen without the Ativan showing up