Which State is friendly for a returning RN after a long absence?

  1. Hello All Nurses!!!

    Yes, I'd like to know "Which States (Hospitals) are friendly for a returning RN after a long absence (5-year)?"

    Due to visa issue, I was not able to continue a bedside nurse work.
    However, I have kept taking Master's degree program and PhD program, which I haven't finished. (Actually, I didn't mention about these studies in my Resume to apply for RN jobs.)
    I really want to work as a bedside nurse. Without bedside nursing experiences, studying and working in research areas have been nonsense to me.

    Visa is not any more issue for me.
    I have been applying for Residency programs in WA.
    Not much luck yet.
    I'm also willing to move to other state to work as a RNI
    since it is the reason why I moved back to this country again!!!

    Please let me know if there are any hospitals which are friendly for a returning RN after a long absence. =)
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    I have heard north Dakota hospitals......
  4. by   HouTx
    Your issue is more complex than just a "return to work after an extended gap". If I am understanding you correctly, you have never worked in the US. It would be very difficult to guess which factor is going to be more difficult for you to overcome.

    Each state has it's own rules & regulations about the need for refresher courses and such - you can easily obtain that information. However, the employment climate for foreign grads, especially those without any US experience will not be so easy to discover & I would imagine that no one is going to be very forthcoming about it. I have no words of wisdom for you.