What would you do? I'm so torn! Take med surg position or stay with clinic job?

  1. 0Hey guys.. Been offered a med surg job on nights... I've been at a clinic since I graduated. It's really great. Love the people I work with. The thing is, I'm not quite sure I know what type of nursing I want to do yet. I know the hospital would open more options for me. I know I'm at a cushy job right now but feel I need to put my time into getting acute care experience for my career. I am now so torn. Please help! What is best at this point in my career? I graduated almost 2 years ago. I applied thinking that I should get acute care experience but now I'm not so sure I want to leave a job that I'm pretty happy with. I'm also young and single if that makes a difference
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  3. by   JVoEDrn
    I can relate. Out of school I was hired on at two places. One was as an IV nurse for an outpatient clinic and the other was part time for a pediatric urgent care. I leanred a lot the first 2.5 years. I really did. My IV skills (including piccs, ports, etc) are awesome and my urgent care experience is something that will ultimately lead me to my path of PEDs ER. I obtained my PALS cert for my PEDs job and it's working for these two places that I really got comfortable with my patient care among other things I was nervous about. However, after about 2 years (coming in on my third) I reached my clinical max- literally cannot learn anything else clinically. It's acute care being an urgent care facility but no where near hospital acute care. A cushy job indeed. What was my deciding factor for me was that I started to get jealous of my nurse friends for getting hired on into hospitals...if I'm jealous I know it's a personal issue, it means I am lacking something in my life. Being still a rather new nurse I realized I was far to comfortable already and while the job was a great one initially - it's time for me to move out of my comfort zone and grow. So, I went out and got a job in an ER for a state hospital!!! I'm so excited and nervous Bc I will be out of my comfort zone for sure. But I'm ready, so ready to learn new things. If you're comfortable this is fine, just don't be so comfortable that you're impeding your growth. Some people are ok with finding that perfect job and just being but I have (God willing) 30+ more years of nursing and I want to further my education to a Masters--- I need more experience, I want more experience and had I staid any longer at these facilities I would have eventually gotten miserable as a result of stagnation. You may not know where you want to go but the longer you stay at a job the more you pigeon hole yourself. MS is great because it opens up a variety of doors on where you can go. The goal, I think, is to take steps that will ultimately open up more doors for you. My advice is to take the MS job.