Terminated during my 90 day "orientation" period

  1. over something I am told is not going to go on my license.
    I was also told that my employer (previous) can only tell them the dates
    I worked there - not that I was terminated or why - or if I was good or bad,

    How do I handle this in looking for future employment? Does that go on my
    resume as experience? Since I am a BRAND NEW nurse (just got my license in
    Feb.) - does this bode well for me? I am not sure how to handle this situation -
    I want to be honest - and I want to focus on moving forward from it - but
    I am not sure if I have a future as a nurse now. This is entirely new to me.
    I cannot discuss why I was fired - I can say that when I found out I had
    done something I felt was wrong I went straight to my supervisor who told me
    it was a "learning experience" and to pay closer attention to it in the future. I also
    told the next shift supervisor - who said she would have to take actions to correct it
    but also said "everyone makes mistakes - and you will know this for the future to pay
    closer attention to lab values". It caught me off guard because this incident happened
    over a week ago before I was terminated. I am willing to take responsibility - but
    I have talked to several other friends who are nurses, one of whom made the same
    mistake I did in the same type of enviornment and was not terminated or written up.

    With that said - I still need to figure out if my nursing career is over - and if it is not
    I need to figure out how to get my foot in the door of another job opportunity. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your compassion and support. I feel completely devistated by this but I need to move forward.
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  3. by   Sparrowhawk
    Your carreer is not over. PIck yourself up and go look for another job. You'll be ok. It hurts...just wait til you're backstabbed and fired. Do not lose your confidence. Dust yourself up and go foreward. Be confident. Be sure. Rise above.

  4. by   goober_monger86
    Same thing happened to me but I'm not too worried about it. I've actually had some interviews having left my experience of those 3 months on my resume, but I'm still looking, . Just a matter of time. You're probably not meant to be in that environment and about to find yourself somewhere more suited to you. Good luck!
  5. by   joanna73
    Don't worry about it. As long as you've learned from the experience, you can now move forward. When you interview, you can honestly tell the prospective employer that your previous job just wasn't a good fit. Should they ask, be prepared to discuss what you've taken from that experience (as a positive). Also, you will need references from somewhere. Is there anyone you worked with at this hospital who might be willing to provide a reference?