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So, let's tell everyone our tales of woe in regards to hunting/interviewing/applying for nursing jobs. Mine is as follows: The hospital I applied to will only take applications online. Their... Read More

  1. by   kogafietsen
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    Recently offered a hospital position..REALLY don't want to return to the hospital but accepted the position which doesn't begin until April (new unit opening) In the meantime I kept looking around and get a call from a doc office to interview - interview went well - same as some on here met w/3 different people then had to come back another day for a "working interview" (which to me = free labor). They wanted me to stay the whole 12 hrs - I said "no, a couple should be enough for all of us" - they agreed, everyone nice/friendly but no other RN anywhere - learn there isn't one just MA's and 1 LPN and they "really, really need an RN" and would I be willing, if needed to travel to one of the other clinics (they would provide the "clinic car" for those days" - ok..think it wouldn't be bad working at the office, close to home,etc.. fast fwd a few days after the "working interview" - am offered the job - agree on hours/start date etc THEN they drop the bomb: I will have to pay for my own background check, drug test, scrubs, key, key holder, badge, badge holder and lanyard.. and they can't pay me more than the longest employed MA - which would be approximately $13/hr but they "may" could go a dollar or two more if I was willing to work every weekend...... This doc owns 7 clinics plus 3 spa type places.........needless to say I will be going forth with the hospital position.
  2. by   elprup
    Relocated for first job 300 miles with 2 kids and their father passsed away 2weeks before I graduated. I lasted 3.5 months as new grad med surg nurse with no structure, and was let go because I could not see the big picture. Hello! EBP tells us it takes a year to stop being task oriented.

    Anyway kids and I move again and I get into one of the last versant residencies in northern cal. I make it to second interview. Then BAM, I am disqualified because of my prior 3.5 months of experience. I am totally depressed. Finally I take a job as medical assistant at rural health center, which of course they use me to my full potential (triage, education, management). I stayed there a year and loved the doctors and learned a ton.

    After I left I applied and got interview and job offer for VA clinic here in rural town. I was estatic. I even told my interviewer my previois job hired me as MA but used me as RN. Well, 6 months of vetpro and background and I pass everything! Then I get a letter stating VA job has been rescinded because I was hired as an MA (even though I made my manager write a letter stating they used me as an RN). VA stated that what my previous employer did was illegal, so VA could not count my RN experience. So I did not get the job!!!!!!!!!!

    So here I am almost 5 years later with hardly any experience. Oh and another problem is my HRSA scholarship. I cannot work LTC or private Dr. Offices. My jobs have to be underserved. So now, I am enrolling in a refresher course and hoping I can get a hospital within 150 mile radius to precept me.....and possibly lead to a job! I have my BSN too. California is just so tough. I will move anywhere in California. Something has to give! I know I can do this! i want to do this. I am ready!!!!
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  3. by   canoehead
    I applied online for a job up north. When I got my phone call from the HR rep she sounded drunk. Really drunk. Gave up on the northern experience. I've since met nurses that worked in that hospital and they said she probably WAS drunk. Why do employers put up with that crap?
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    Pretty sh*tty, I would have had a tough time biting my tongue..but play it cool and hopefully it will pay off in the end