Seeking employment in another state

  1. My girlfriend recently accepted a job in Washington DC and will be moving in June. I would like to be able to move with her, so I am going to start hunting for jobs in the DC, MD, VA, area. My question is, should I obtain that state's nursing license prior to applying for jobs?

    Will having that state's licensure help me to secure a job with greater ease, than just applying with my current PA license?

    I need every edge that I can get since I only have just over 1 year of experience and most jobs require 2 years of minimum experience. Not only that, I am an ADN-RN, not BSN-RN, which creates issues trying to find jobs at magnet institutions.
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  3. by   wannabe_r
    what kinda of experience do you have? because some specialties are more in demand than others like ER or ICU... it wouldnt hurt to get a license in that state just to increase your chances. Are you able to enroll in a RN to BSN online program to show your potential employer that you will have your bsn? Most program can be done online and are self paced but are EXPENSIVE. Otherwise you may have to stay the extra year to have the required two years experience... best of luck to you!
  4. by   Creamsoda
    I would. It depends on the state how fast they issue licenses, some are fast, and some, as long as they know your job is depending on you license they may issue it faster, but if you already have it, its one less roadblock, and you can start sooner rather than later. I mean, if you plan on moving there, your going to need it either way, may as well get it sooner.
  5. by   nursesunflower
    I have moved to different parts of the country several times. My recommendation would be that you at least talk with a travel nurse recruiter (I have always used AYA healthcare, and LOVE them). You can get a 13 week travel assignment somewhere in the area you want to be, and 'try out' a hospital (although not all hosptials that use travelers are necessarily hiring). Be honest with the recruiter about what your plans are. Most travel nurse recruiters are very well versed in license law and can give you some good information. Good luck!!
  6. by   0402
    I have worked in both DC and VA and did not get my license until I got a job offer. I think VA was about 6-8 weeks, but VA wasn't the issue- CA was (my original license); they are slow. If PA does the NURSYS thing, it's probably much faster. I know there are people that do get them before applying, but to me, it's too expensive, and so far, it hasn't hurt me.
  7. by   Eric Cartman
    I have 1 year of experience in a neurology outpatient department. Currently I have an ADN-RN and am enrolled and working on my RN-BSN. I would love to use a nursing recruitment agency, but I don't have any acute clinical experience.