Pathway for NP looking for a change

  1. I am hoping this is the correct place, if not send me in the right direction allnurses!

    My background:
    - Primary care certified PNP
    - Graduated from direct-entry MSN/NP progrma
    - no paid acute care/inpatient RN experience
    - I've worked in primary care as a PNP for the past 3 years

    My goals: I would like to transition into acute care, ideally as an acute care PNP

    - Most Post master's acute care PNP programs I've looked into say they require 1-2 years of acute care RN experience

    Does anyone know if I, as an NP without acute care RN experience can apply to new grad RN programs...? Or how I can move forward with getting the experience I need to make a transition into acute care?
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  3. by   Maemir
    I can check with HR if your experience and qualifications can get you start in acute care setting.
  4. by   amalay
    That would be great! What state do you practice in? I have been told that in California I don't specifically need the acute care certification-but, I might just given my lack of wrk experience in acute care settings.