OK, biting the bullet...AGAIN

  1. even though i cannot really afford to move, i've bitten the bullet and have started applying to rn positions out of state. so far i've applied to tn, oh, sc, and i'm thinking of fl and va. compact state are tn, sc, and va. i'm wondering if i should also consider mo as well. i've decided to also follow the dream i had 3 years ago and again try for pediatrics or neonatal, though i'm open to anything as well.
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  3. by   Scarlettz
    Good luck to you. I have filled out some RN applications for others states online. This was before I got my RN license - so I wasn't really expecting any replies. I'd like to give it a try again now that I am licensed. How are you applying? Through online applications? Do you have plans to follow up with phone calls?
  4. by   WildcatFanRN
    i try to follow up through phone calls, though some specifically state "don't call". one place i called and the recruiter and she emailed me back, it was more of a response than i've ever gotten before. most places i call, if i do speak to someone it's not the recruiter and no one returns my calls. i'm not getting my hopes up for anything.

    i pretty much resigning myself to the fact that i will not be working as an rn, and that i've wasted money...lots of money.
  5. by   BetterThanFiction
    The hospitals in SW IN are always hiring RNs.

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