New Hospital being built, who do I call for job?

  1. There is a new hospital being built. It is slated to open 2014. I cannot find any info regarding jobs/applications/who is in charge of hiring. I have called the closest facilty to no avail.

    How soon do they usually start hiring process?
    Any advice on who I could contact now for information? Or how I can find out this info?

    I am usually pretty good at research, but I am stuck. Any ideas?

    Thank you.!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    If the hospital is part of a larger organization or chain of hospitals, contact that organization's nurse recruiter or HR. However, keep in mind that they may offer employees at their other facilities first crack at the jobs at the new facility before they consider external candidates.

    Otherwise, all you can really do is wait until they do start advertising.
  4. by   HouTx
    Normally, the first people hired are the executive crew. They may be hired a year in advance. Next are leaders for crucial admin/operational functions (HR, HIM, Quality, Med Staff, Finance, etc)... maybe 6-8 months in advance. Next are Directors for all functional areas (~ 6 months prior to opening)... they have to create staffing plans and begin the hiring process. Hiring for staff positions is usually "staged" according to opening of various services. It is also ramped up... increasing staff as the volume of patients increases. It is also not uncommon for outpatient areas to open prior to inpatient services.

    If you can find out who the facility belongs to, the best approach would be to contact their HR department. These folks will have the most knowledge of the overall hiring plan. Good luck! It's always fun to help open a new hospital.