My Mom needs help getting her first RN job in the US!

  1. Hello,

    My mom migrated to the US from Jamaica over 2 years now. While in Jamaica she was a Registered Nurse working at a Rehabilitation hospital for about 5 years.

    She took the Georgia State Board Nursing exam and received her license about 3-4 months ago.

    Since then she has been applying for RN jobs at various Atlanta hospital and nursing homes but none has been fruitful.

    She went to Northside Hospital's Job Fair today (January 16, 2013) and she was told by a recruiter that she should take a "Refreshers Course" as well as working on getting some US experience as a RN.

    Also my mom doesn't have a BSN because at her time of studying in Jamaica the nurses did recieved BSN, they were giving an ASN or a diploma (I'm not sure). My mom does plan on getting her BSN but she doesn't have the money to do so at this very moment, which is my she needs a job asap.

    1. What advice can you guys give her on landing her first RN job here in Atlanta?
    2. What is a good starting point for an international experienced RN like my mom?
    3. What companies in Atlanta hire/are more likely to hire RNs without a BSN or US experience.

    Thanks you in advanced.
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    Hi! Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Have you mom sign for an account herself so she can utilize the site to her advantage. The job market here in the US is very poor right now for all nurses not just your Mom.....I moved your thread to nursing job assistance to help you get the best response.
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    First off I'm just a student but I'll tell you what I know. When you migrate as odd as it seems, she is now considered a "New Grad RN" as of the date she got liscensed in GA reguardless of if she had 2 years in Jamaica or 20 years experience it wont matter. I know this sucks but that is the reality. I'm from Trinidad, my sister migrated to Alberta Canada. They had much better prospects there. What she did was get an agency to help her find something and that ageny did all the paper work for her to immigrate and she came over on a work visa with an agreement that she will work for the employer for 2 year contract with a LTC facility. Lucky for her she liked it and they kept her after the 2 years.She recently found another job that pays more and now makes over $35/hr. So that's the basic process she went through. Taking a RN refresher course is a good idea and those are not really expensive. Have you mom apply to a local agency is probably the faster was for her to gain experience, her her try to get them to place her in the similar field she worked in before. If that does not work, she should try volunteering at her prospect hospital or see if the have an intern program for new RN's. Just dont let her get huge gaps in her resume, first try a placement agency, volunteer and do the RN refresher and keep busy something will come up .Good Luck fellow islander
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    Hi! I work in a nursing home in Atlanta,Ga that needs a night supervisor and nurses.Try to call at 7704510236 or go at 3535 ashton woods dr Atlanta,Ga 30319.God bless!

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    Thank you my friend! - God Bless
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    Hi, would you please tell me the name of the nursing home you work for so that I can look it up, and possibly apply ? I am a new Rn as well. thanx