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I felt discouraged for over 6 months trying to find a job. I went as far as applying all over the country, even in Alaska. The fact is, yes there is a nursing shortage, however that is only for... Read More

  1. by   kcmylorn
    Quote from LPNlooking
    Please note that some states allow the labor department to specify that you are ineligible for compensation if you are terminated or quit. The only way to receive unemployment is if you were laid off. Hang on to your jobs, ladies and gentlemen.
    That's not entirely true.
    Go to your unemployment office/re employment office or workfore development office what every your state calls it. Talk to someone about filing a claim and file a claim anyway but do Speak with an unemployment investigator- in my state this is on the phone in the unemployment office. They are the ones who determine if you are eligible for unemployment, not your employER. The truth about unemployment is: unemployment is an insurance that the employER pays for an employEE, if the employEE doesn't file unemployment the emploER keeps their insurance premimun on you- in my state it is $15,000. approx the cost of one's total maximum unemplyement benefit for 26 weeks. As an investigator just told me in Aug 2012- these employER's will tell you anything! The questions the investigators ask you is about what happened and why you were terminated or laid off or quit. If you were forced out of your job(or be fired) tell them that- I can not stress that enough!! If your were not given proper orientation( the investigator calls it training) to perform your job, they need to know that too, if you were not given what you needed to do your job, they need to know that- that is an emplyER's bad, fault not yours. If they don't give you a reason for termination- the investigator needs to know that also, if they call it poor work performance, the investigator wants the employER to justify that, in the majority of cases these employER's can't do that either. if the employER( the nurse manager) call it "not a good fit" the investigator must be told that and let the invesitigator hear that enough- with the unemplyment ready to go up with this "fiscal cliff" I think you will make the investigator's day, the entire Department of labors's for that matter- nothing like these emplyER's making a bad situation worse by their own stupidity!!
    Chin up and go to that unemployment office and don't believe everything these hospital's tell you. They are only out to save more money than they are all ready rat hole-ing. They have enough money to pay a CEO millions per year for their paycheck, they can afford pay one healthcare worker/nurse unemployment for their own craziness..
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    Anyone have up-to-date information on what it is like to work at NYHQ? Perhaps what is the nurse-satisfaction? RN-Pt ratio? The interview process? Please update if you have info on the med cal exam - I, and of course many others, would GREATLY appreciate any advice/information!!!
  3. by   chorkle
    Those folks of the opinion that an employee who quits or is terminated, cannot collect unemployment benefits, have never been an employer.

    In my experience as a small business owner, no matter what the state law says about the above, the attitude of the people at the dept. of empl. security who determine whether the ex-employee can collect benefits seemed to be: all employers are dishonest exploiters of labor, and all employees are honest, upright citizens unfairly deprived of a job.

    Every employee of mine who quit (usually with no notice of any kind), and every employee who was fired for cause, applied for unemployment benefits. I protested each case. Every such employee was granted unemployment benefits--paid for by me.

    Repeated instances of this could just make one reluctant to hire employees.
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    Pay start 18 i would say.
  5. by   Ms.MayaRN
    In NY you have to work for at least 6 months to collect unemployment.
  6. by   sdao
    I graduated in July with a 4.0 BSN degree, I was a valeydictorian in 2 year college, I had volunteer as well as leadership background, but still I can't find a job. Although I came from a foreign country, these edu were completed in the US. I got frustrated on what elses I can do to get a job. My OPT or work permit is on its way to get expired. I wish I could be more positive.
  7. by   zmaldonado
    I agree, it's very hard to keep positive. I hoped that with my 10 yr phlebotomy experience and new RN license I would have a good shot at finding a job. I'm currently unemployed, going to college for my BSN and feel that is not worth it at the moment. In the meantime I will continue it because if I stop I have to start repayment of the student loans. I am also so upset that I can't take another position in the hospital if is outside the scope of practice. FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!
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