How long to get Job offer??

  1. Hello all I would really appreciate any feedback..

    I had an RN interview on June 14 with the unit Manager and staff nurse it went well .. about a week later they informed that I had moved up in the recruitment process and that they required my references (which I immediately sent to them) My references were contacted, and they advised me that it went well.. one even told me that the recruiter seemed really impressed.. its now August almost EXACTLY 2 months since I have interviewed and not a peep! I called to follow up with the HR recruiter and she gave me the managers email to follow up which I did after I passed my NCLEX and nothing! yet... the facility is a large mental health hospital in Ontario, Canada it is a temp full time position, so my understanding is that they would require people right away no? However, funny thing is yesterday I got a call for another position at the same facility but on a different unit the interview is this Thursday.. I am going to go of course since I am not hearing back.. but I am just wondering does any one find it odd or is this normal not to hear anything for TWO months!!

    Thank you for your feedback
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  3. by   Labelle13
    I was not offered the position for my first interview .. the position was given to someone else who had more experience... even though the interview went really well and I did my last placement at that facility *sigh* Alas, my search continues...
  4. by   Marisette
    Sometimes things happen for a reason. Their loss. Continue your search. It's not unusual for employer's not to get back to you after an interview. Perhaps you were a good candidate, but they found a candidate they felt could better meet their immediate needs. Send out as many applications as you can. Try to use some of the phrases they have in the job advertisement or description so your application will not be "weeded out" electronically or in the human resource department. Be patient.
  5. by   not.done.yet
    You didn't get the job. They may have closed the offer. They may have found someone else. They may have decided to freeze hiring for a time. They may have gotten distracted by something else entirely and forgot all about you. The person who liked you may have been promoted or quit or moved to another position. Whatever happened, you didn't get hired. Keep looking.
  6. by   nellie272003
    If you haven't heard back in 2-3 weeks, then you don't have the job.
    No one rarely contacts people anymore either way, even if they say they will in the interview.
    Nursing positions are based on seniority. They have to post the job and even interview for the job but many nursing jobs go to a nurse in house-meaning those who already work in the unit/ department.
    Sad but true. I wish it was not this way.
    You will get your dream job soon enough!
  7. by   Labelle13
    I guess I knew that deep down but I was trying to stay hopeful.. yeah I took a position in a Long Term Care facility about an hour away from my home. I start orientation this week.. it is not my "dream job" and the distance kinda sucks. but I am very grateful for the position and I am trying to be open minded because it is tough for us new grads out there. However, I am still putting my applications out there . I am also considering taking a critical care course next year to advance my skills and make me a better prospect to employers in the future
  8. by   purplegal
    Yeah, I would say if you hadn't heard anything in 2 months you could've safely assumed you didn't get it. One job took a month to let me know I wasn't selected, and I've had several jobs that have never gotten back to me. The jobs that I've received have gotten back to me in a day or two, to be honest.
  9. by   Labelle13
    Hello Everyone,

    So I just was invited for another interview at one of the top teaching Hospitals in the Greater Toronto, (Ontario) Area on a Neuro/Stroke Medicine Unit
    I am so nervous (as always) AND this will now be my 5th interview for an RN position. I have had one successful interview that led to a position, one successful interview that led them to them contact references but ultimately was not offered a position , one interview that I completely blew( it was at a long term care facility) they asked me scenario questions which I did not answer very well, I guess it was because I was under prepared and underestimated the questions thinking it would be like the first interview I had that went really well and the last interview I had was last week at a leading mental health hospital for a case manager RN position it went okay.. but its been a week so I am not holding my breath.. ANYHOO I am just reaching out for advice on how to ace interviews in this field any tips or any ideas of the types of questions they will ask so I can really be prepared?? Thank you all for your insightful feed back
  10. by   Labelle13
    Got an offer at the facility where I initially has my interview at a leading mental health institute in the province in a secured women's observational treatment unit! Start orientation next week so excited!! My dream facility!