1. Long story short...I quit my job at the end of Oct, with two weeks notice given. I could no longer handle the constant criticism and belittlement from my new manager (all was well before her arrival), tried taking it up with my administrator (with no results), needless to say she put me on 90 day probation for bogus crap 2 weeks later. Myself, our ADON and staff coordinator all put our notices in on the same day, this woman was truely a ruthless individual. I have applied to many jobs, with interviews, but no offers. Im starting to think this facility has black balled me!!! Guess Im just needing reassurance all is NOT lost, the depression is overwhelming!!!...Totally at a loss...
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  3. by   dee78
    It took me 4 months of actively job hunting to secure my job. I finally applied for a floor that I knew was rough but would hire me on the spot.