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    I guess I am not really seeking advice, just really a place to vent. I am currently working in a smallish community hospital's ED, and while I do enjoy my job and my coworkers, I am seeking to branch into a setting that sees a little more action. There are several nearby hospitals that are trauma centers and simply have more resources, and as such see many higher acuity patients than the facility where I am now working. About 1 month ago I submitted applications for openings to both of these facilities. I interviewed and was offered a job at my second choice of the two options. About a week after I was offered the job I received a phone call from my first choice hospital expressing great interest based on my resume, and wondering if it was possible if I could interview tomorrow. Said resume plainly lists my education level as having completed an ASN, and that I am enrolled in BSN program to be completed next winter.

    I went on the interview, which went very well. The manager stated in the interview, "I would love to have you on my team, I think you are a great fit. You have the job if you want it." I was up front and honest that I had another offer on the table but that this hospital was by far my first choice, and was assured that since she would like to offer me the position, that she would do her best to expedite the process. I was told to expect a call within 2-3 days once everything was cleared through HR. During the interview she did mention that the hospital was seeking to hire only BSN prepared nurses, but she stated that she valued my experience and the positive reviews she had received on my behalf (I work with several nurses who work at both facilities). She speculated that the fact that I am close to completing my BSN should appease HR, since in all other aspects I am a qualified candidate. She mentioned that while the more recently hired nurses do have their BSNs, most are lacking in ED experience or nursing experience at all (in reference to the new grads), and there has been some strain on the department due to this lack of experienced RNs ready to jump in when really sick patients come into the department. She stated that she used this information in her appeal to HR to allow her to interview me even though I only had my associate's degree.

    Much to my dismay, I received a call today from the recruiter stating that the organization could not offer me the position. I was told that they have an arrangement with the joint commission to only hire BSN prepared nurses, and due to that arrangement no exceptions could be made on my behalf. I am heartbroken. I truly felt welcomed during my interview and departmental tour, and I know it sounds silly, but I felt that I had belonged there. The recruiter was very gracious, and stated the manager wanted her to tell me how sorry she was and that I "was the best applicant she had interviewed for the position". Please understand that I am not making this into a ADN vs BSN thing; I recognize the value of nurses having the BSN degree and that is precisely why I am working my a** off to complete my degree while working up to 60 hrs a week at times. It is just such a blow to have that stand in my way when it was all green lights up to that point.

    Again, not really seeking advice since it seems I have no chance at this hospital at this time, but just spewing out this whole story is making me feel a bit better. It is so disappointing to have walked out of that interview feeling on cloud 9, since it seemed like a slam dunk, to having the rug pulled out from under me today. I almost wish that HR had not approved the interview since ultimately "their hands are tied" and they could not have offered me the position anyways. I was told repeatedly by the recruiter to apply again after I complete my BSN since I was already hired, but honestly, I think if I spend a year learning and gaining experience at the other facility, it wouldn't be fair to just jump ship. Anyways, shame on me for not getting the BSN sooner, and hopefully this will motivate anyone reading to go ahead and pursue it now instead of putting it off.
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  3. by   AJJKRN
    No, shame on HR for teasing you! I understand we're all adults and life is life but I would say that HR is the one that burned a bridge with an exceptional candidate. Can an entity have a deal with Joint Commission to only hire BSN's? Smells like a Magnet cover up to me...
  4. by   SN2RN2011
    Thanks for your kind words, AJJK. I thought that seemed fishy too. It's unfortunate that they are so hung up on the BSN requirement when having a proportionate mix of experience levels is also a patient safety issue, and is as important as meeting a BSN quota. Especially when in about 12 months, I'll have my BSN and it would be a moot point. Oh well, I digress.
  5. by   Mavrick
    So sorry that you had the Cloud 9 to dunk experience. Your mature handling of it reflects well on you.

    Sounds so very fishy that HR is blaming JCHO for their mistake. HR is one shady department anyway. Remember they do not have your interests in mind. They are policy watchdogs for the hospital. Apparently they didn't know their own policy with regard to hiring only BSNs. I find it difficult to believe that JCHO can dictate hiring practices for a hospital. I'll have to do some research on that!

    The Magnet status thing is real however. Originally Magnet Status meant a hospital was a good place to work and thus attracted and retained nurses. Now it is being misused by the marketing department to attract patients and their government dollars. By requiring or giving preference to BSN graduates when hiring new nurses, a hospital can quickly raise its ratio of degree-holding nurses and improve its standing in the Magnet program.
  6. by   SN2RN2011
    I agree 100% with the points you made re: Magnet status, Mavrick. I was pretty surprised when the recruiter mentioned the Joint Commission and not their "Magnet Journey".