"old" new nurse, can't even get entry level??

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    This is my first post. I've lurked here a while but finally registered. Anyway, I've been actively looking for an RN position, and found one I thought would fit me perfectly. It is an RN residency program for new nurses, with one-on-one preceptor throughout the program. It is designed to help new nurses get experience to be on their own. It is an 18mo. commitment. I had an interview today and it went great, the next step is a panel interview with higher level nursing staff. I didn't get that far...see I've been out of school too long. Almost 2 years now. The interviewer said I need to get experience to get into the program since it's been too long since I graduated, other than that I was a perfect candidate in her opinion. So I don't have enough experience to get an entry level position. I had some personal family issues that prevented me from getting a job sooner. Now I feel it's time wasted, and it just makes my potential jobs even harder to obtain. I keep hearing "start in a nursing home" which is fine...but even they want experience. Any suggestions?? I'm getting discourged.

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  3. by   LindseyRN86
    Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!! Make connections with people at clinics, hospitals, family planning, home health agencies!! I am in the same boat and it stinks but I am starting to get a lot of bites on my job submissions because it shows I am trying to do something and not just sitting around!! Good luck!
  4. by   sj20fame
    I completely agree with above, I have NOooo experience in healthcare industry, but I am a pre-nursing student, and I've volunteered, and I continue to volunteer just to get connections and explore the healthcare industry and meet amazing individuals... The other workers sometimes even introduce me to other people and then say, "yea she's gonna be a nurse one day" I mean that's awesome it makes people around realize that your there, and eventually hope to be part of their team Good luck! The experience in volunteering is amazing, you really do get to meet amazing people.
  5. by   perioddrama
    You are not the only one that is an (old) or (newer) new grad that cannot find work. I graduated early last year and still haven't managed to land an interview. It's a very difficult market out there right now. In my area, LTC don't want new grads (they even put that in their job postings!) It can be very, very discouraging.

    But keep your head up! Something will come; it is just slow in coming.

    There are some schools that offer refresher courses. That way you can keep your skills up. And volunteer. Volunteering shows you are doing something (as opposed to job hunting all day, which is practically a full-time job). Keep your certs up to date. And don't forget CEUs too!

    How I keep sane (and not so discouraged) is to keep the job hunting to a few hours, say early morning or late evening. And then, I go out and enjoy life. Job hunting all day long can be very draining, and very discouraging after a while, in my opinion.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Inori
    You will get a job, it may not be ideal or what you imagined. Keep your spirits up, continue appplying for work locally and afar every day, follow up, find directors of nursing per each unit send resumes directly to them, go in person. Stay positive, confident because in interviews that comes across as well as any negative attitudes. While its very hard to be upbeat about being unemploy do something that you can master, do it well and that confidence will come across in interviews. We made it through nursing school so gonna make it through getting a job. You can do it!!