Penn Medicine Critical Care Gateway

  1. Hello!

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever applied to the MICU critical care gateway at Penn Medicine and their experiences with the application process as well as the actual program itself! HUP is my dream hospital and I would love to work in critical care though I know its difficult for new grads to get into the critical care settings!

    I would love to hear anyone's experience with the critical care gateway program at penn medicine or any information regarding it because their website isn't very clear in what the program entitles or start dates!
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  3. by   amandaxyo
    Hi CoffeeFirst,

    I am also a new grad looking into nurse residency at Penn Medicine. Have you tried contacting HUP regarding the program? I'm under the impression you need to apply for a job and you're put into the residency program from there, that there are not really any official start dates.