Nurse Residencies in Dallas February 2018

  1. Hey y'all! I was wondering if anyone else was applying to jobs in the Dallas area for February 2018 start date? What places are y'all applying and have y'all heard back from any of them?
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  3. by   Shelby_M_P
    I am! I am finishing the application/reference/transcript process & am so nervous!
  4. by   TexasGirl17
    What places did you apply to?
  5. by   OnTheSearch
    I've applied to children's health and medical city! I'm aiming for NICU. Haven't heard back yet. I'm also keeping an eye out for Texas Heath, Methodist, and medical center Plano whenever they open. I'm not applying to Baylor or UTSW because they have no NICU openings
  6. by   TexasGirl17
    Medical city of Plano has been open, they close today I believe (18th). I applied to Children's, cooks, medical city childrens, and I'm waiting on Texas Health to open up! I want the NICU too
  7. by   Shelby_M_P
    I applied to Baylor, Children's Medical Center Dallas, Cook Children's, Medical City, Medical City Children's, and UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas. My top 3 choices are Children's Medical Center Dallas, Cook's and UT. I'd really like to work in Pediatrics but am also interested in UT because of its reputation. I applied to central and north Baylor locations but would really love to work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I'm also considering Texas Health.

    I got a request to do a video interview for Temple but have not completed it yet. I did a phone screening with Seton earlier in September but they haven't officially opened applications & I am no longer interested in living in the Austin area.
  8. by   Shelby_M_P
    I completed my video interview for Baylor (Temple) today and will be receiving a call from Medical City Children's on Monday. I am really hoping to be contacted by Children's Medical Center Dallas or Cook Children's soon.
  9. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    I just figured out today that all of the emails from the hospitals I've applied to have been going to my junk mail folder and now I'm a nervous wreck. I had been invited to do the video interview for Baylor in Dallas, and went ahead and completed that today even though it was sent to me on the 17th, and was asked to do a phone interview for Medical City in Denton. I just realized that the questionnaire for Medical City was also in my junk email, and filled that out so hopefully it's not too late! I also applied to UTSW which replied that they have received all necessary materials and will be scheduling interviews starting on October 3rd, so at least I didn't miss that.
  10. by   Shelby_M_P
    Has anybody heard anything from Children's Medical Center Dallas? The recruiter said the process is (1) phone interview, (2) video interview => sent to hiring manager, and (3) interviews October 13th and October 16th. It seems like they would start notifying applicants soon?
  11. by   OnTheSearch
    I just got an interview with Medicsl city dallas! And Shelby, I haven't heard from Children's yet.
  12. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    Congrats on your interview! Let us know how it goes
  13. by   Shelby_M_P
    Yes, good luck! UTSW will contact applicants for interviews (if chosen) October 3rd-6th.
  14. by   newgradrntx
    I did a video recording interview for Childrens medical center dallas last week but havent heard anything about an in person interview yet!