New Graduate Prospective CTICU Nurse

  1. Dear Fellow Nurses and Healthcare Professionals,

    I say with great sorrow that I was just received a rejection letter from Columbia University's Post BSN - DNP AG-ACNP program.
    I graduate from my BSN program this coming May, and I am currently in search for work.

    Initially, my dream before becoming a Nurse was to work within Hematology/ Oncology in the Pediatric Population. However, towards the end of my program, I developed an interest in Critical Care. I appreciate challenges and fast paced environments, as well as the uncertainty/ patient instability that the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit provides. (The more lines, tubes, and drains I have to work with - the merrier!)

    My questions for my fellow allnurses users are,

    --Do you have any opinions of a new graduate nurse applying to get into the CTICU? If so, what are they?

    --What are your suggestions, if you have any, for the new graduate nurse with the intention of getting into the CTICU?

    --For those of you who work or have experience with CTICU Nursing/ ICU Nursing, what would be your best advice for the success of the new graduate entering the aforementioned environment?

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  3. by   Luckyyou
    Our CTICU only hires new grads that have been patient care techs in the unit. It's a steep, steep learning curve.
  4. by   mrcleanscrubs
    @Luckyyou ,

    Thank you for your reply! I am curious as to how being a patient care tech before being hired as an RN would help the new graduate acclimate to the CTICU; I have never heard of this practice (only hiring new grads who have been PCTs). Does this practice seem to be working for the new graduates being hired in your CTICU?