New CNA job help

  1. I recently got my CNA license but have not been able to get a job in the field because I have no experience. I am scared that if I don't 'use it I'll lose it'. I am also 7 weeks pregnant and my license expires a few weeks before my due date and I'm thinking no company will hire someone who is almost due to give birth because I won't be able to lift.

    I live in the Baltimore area- Dundalk, but can travel anywhere. Any suggestions on places that hire quickly and/or without much experience? Much appreciated guys! I've applied to GMBC, Hopkins, FutureCare, Tribute, etc.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Look beyond hospitals. There is an abundance of jobs in home care, nursing homes and assisted living.
  4. by   zambam
    Do you have any specific places I could apply? A lot of nursing homes I see want GNAs instead of CNAs