Nbody wants to hire a NEW GRAD!

  1. I just recently passed my NCLEX RN and I have been actively looking for a job, turning resumes in online and walk-in left and right, been to 3 job interviews and a bunch of "we have decided to pursue other candidates fr this position" in my inbox...
    When will I get to practice my nursing skills?
    What can I do to change this??
    How can I get a job???
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    How wide of a net are you casting? If you are only applying locally, then it might be your area is oversaturated. If you have been applying nationwide, then it might be your resume or interviewing skills. I applied to 50-100 job openings nationwide and had only 2 in-person interviews (disclaimer: vast majority were NICU openings). I ended up being offered both. All you need is one to hire you.
  4. by   adventure_rn
    I've got to agree with Guy. I knew a handful of new grads from California who submitted dozens of resumes over the course of 6 months before they gave up on CA and moved to the south. If you're unable to move, you may want to consider applying outside of hospital settings (i.e. LTC, SNFs) if you haven't already.

    Are you applying specifically to 'new grad jobs'? Many hospitals have designated 'new grad' job postings, and a specific hiring process that they funnel all of the new grads through. You may be wasting your time and setting yourself up for failure if you apply to general 'staff nurse' postings, since they're often geared toward experienced nurses.
  5. by   emtqro88
    where do you live?

    Here in Vegas I am confident that the vast majority of new grads are hired. HCA hospitals love them. If you are willing to move it will probably be easier.