It's not What you know, it's WHO you know

  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been reading for awhile and see so many new grads struggling to find a job so I wanted to share my story. I hope it can help someone.
    I graduated May ,2011. Took boards in July, 2011. Applied for just a handful of jobs b/c I fractured my elbow a week or so before I took the test and didn't really want to interview on restrictions. Got the okay mid-August to do everything a nurse needs to do and started applying like crazy.
    40+ resumes. Every 2 days or so I would check the hospital websites and apply to Every single position that came up. I didn't get a single call back. Nothing.
    Finally, in OCT, a good friend from nursing school took my resume to the nurse recruiter at his hospital and told the recruiter that if he could hand pick a fellow classmate to work with it would be me. 1 week later I got a call, an interview and a job offer. I honestly don't think I would have gotten the position if it weren't for my friend.

    If I could give a new grad who can't find a job a tip, it would be to see WHO you know that will put in a good word for you. And then, when you get an interview, SELL YOURSELF. Make You look like the most desirable candidate out there, b/c you are willing to learn anything.

    I only ended up staying at that first job for 5mos. It was on a rehab unit it in the hospital, and I didn't feel like I was gaining the skills that I need. On a whim, I sent out about 4 resumes, not really thinking anything would come out of it. A week or so later, I got a call from the hosp. I've wanted to work at since school. I came in for the interview, and to be honest, I don't think the nurse manager was terribly impressed with me. She liked that I new the computer system that they would be implementing soon, but that's about it. As the interview came to an end, I told her what my bottom line was: That I felt one of the most important things I could do, as a new nurse, was to better my assessment skills and that I didn't feel I was getting that opportunity where I was. It's the truth and she was visibly impressed with that statement. I got the call less then 24 hours later, offering me the job. It's not only in the hospital I wanted, but it's also in the CCU, so I'm getting great experience

    soo.....see who you can get to put in a good word for you. Then go in and show them just HOW willing you are to learn what you can to be a great employee.
    Good luck!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    I agree. New graduates all have about the same level of knowledge. Having connections within hospital systems that you can use to get your foot in the door is huge. That's why networking during school is so important. I'm glad you've had a good beginning to your nursing career so far.
  4. by   nursejess12
    I completely agree that for new grads searching for their first job, its all about who you know. I graduated in december 2011 and from december until June I applied to close to 100 jobs. I only got one interview from those 100 applications, and didnt get the job. My grandmother then told me she knew a nurse recruiter at the hospital near my house and gave me her number. 2 weeks later I had a job offer. I will be starting orientation on June 25th and if it wasnt for the connection I had, I would still be opening rejection emails daily.
  5. by   Stephalump
    Thank you for the inspiration! I've been extremely concerned with getting a good job after graduation, especially since I probably will not be working in a health care facility during school (other than clincals, of course.)

    I have a friend who's worked a major hospital in the area for years and has moved into management who said she'd help me out and put me in touch with the right people, but I guess I wasn't sure how much of a help that could really be. Gives me a little hope! Thanks