How long is too long?

  1. Hey everyone!!!! This is my first time posting.. so please bare with me ..

    I just finished nursing school (hallelujah!!!!) and am waiting for the boards to receive my transcripts so I could PASS my Nclex..
    I live in Fl and plan on moving in the next 6-7 months but I will be staying in the sunshine state of Florida just about 8 hours north.
    My concern is should I take a job and then leave I feel like that would be terrible.. but on the flip side do I wait that long to get at it.. I mean working as an RN....
    I currently have 3 jobs so am not concerned on the financial side of it thankfully 1-a student nurse at a hospital (cna) 2-personal grocery shopper for shipt 3-server at a bar.. Also I am not sure how that works with my position at the hospital?? Do I get to continue to work as that position even tho I will have a license as an RN??

    Thank you soo much for helping me!!!! This website has been my savior for many things the past almost 3 years now...
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  3. by   Have Nurse
    Check with your state board of nursing for guidance.
  4. by   inthecosmos
    Most states require you to work at the top of your licensure. That means even if you were working as a CNA, you may have to perform RN duties since that would be your higher licensure.