Dell Children's RN Residency February 2018

  1. Hi, has anyone applied for Dell Children's residency for this upcoming February? I submitted an interest form, but haven't heard anything and I wasn't able to find an actual application anywhere? Can anyone help?
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  3. by   amym_frmd
    I submitted my applications on the 8th. The Seton Recruitement sent an email on Nov 3rd with the available resident positions. Just visit the website Find a Job at Seton Healthcare Family and search residency.
  4. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Thanks! I submitted a few applications. Have you heard anything since you submitted your applications?
  5. by   Roseabq
    I applied to 5 positions (none of them children's) as soon as the positions opened and haven't heard anything back are you BSN or ADN? I am BSN
  6. by   aspiringnurse5924
    I applied to all the children's positions as soon as I got the email! Feeling a little nervous since I haven't heard anything back yet either. I'm BSN too! I graduate in December.
  7. by   Roseabq
    Me too! I'll be really bummed if I don't even get a phone screen. I graduated in August and just passed the NCLEX. I have interviews with st. David's tomorrow but have heard better things about dell seton. Best of luck to you and congrats on your upcoming graduation!
  8. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Yeah I'll be bummed too, Seton seems like a great organization to work for! Congrats on passing the NCLEX, that's awesome! Good luck at your interview tomorrow, I hope it goes well, and here's to hoping we both hear something from Seton soon! Let me know if you end up hearing from them, and I'll do the same!
  9. by   GN10501
    I interviewed after the open house and got an offer this week. Would love to hear from anyone else in the residency!
  10. by   Roseabq
    Thanks! I just got an email to schedule a phone interview with Dell Seton. My interview at St Davids went really well and I don't have the official offer yet but they told me they want to hire me.
  11. by   ol2524
    Has anyone applied from out of state yet or heard back about interviews?
  12. by   aspiringnurse5924
    I applied from out of state so unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the open house, and I haven't heard anything back since I applied
  13. by   GN10501
    I applied out of state but went to the open house. When I was there I was talking to a recruiter and she said that 60% of the last residency cohort was from out of state! Don't count yourself out solely because you aren't from the area! Good luck y'all!
  14. by   bm.walker
    Hello Everyone!
    I am currently looking into applying to Seton for Summer 2018, however, i would like to get some background on everything regarding the program from some of you who may have already started... I would also love any tips/info you guys have regarding the open house event, resume building, and the interview process.

    Thank you in advance!