Christiana Residency 2017

  1. Hi all, I've applied for the nurse residency program at Christiana for the Emergency Room. The cohort starts in November and I just did the video interview. I live in Maryland but closer to the north and to Pennsylvania. I have had no luck in my home state and Christiana is only 10 min extra than my current job so I'd love to be accepted into this residency.

    Any advice going forward about the residency?

    And can you start working before the cohort begins?
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  3. by   c_singh_
    I applied as well, submitted my video and now waiting..
  4. by   brittnaayyy
    Did you recently graduate?
  5. by   c_singh_ about you?
  6. by   brittnaayyy
    May. Just wondering cause November is so far
  7. by   c_singh_
    Hopefully, the process goes pretty quickly..November will be here before we know it! Good luck to you!
  8. by   brittnaayyy
    Same to you!
  9. by   calidreamin
    Hey all, I just recently applied as well. I had my video interview last week. I currently accepted a nursing position at a nursing home but I hope that won't prevent me from being able to work at Christiana. Have y'all heard anything back yet?
  10. by   brittnaayyy
    Nothing yet. But the application doesn't close until August 25th
  11. by   calidreamin
    Hey I just got a call today for an interview. I am doing the Float Pool Residency however.
  12. by   brittnaayyy
    Awesome! Good luck
  13. by   calidreamin
    Thank you!! Best of luck to you too!
  14. by   c_singh_
    HI! Anyone hear anything yet?