chla transition rn fellowship february 2018

  1. Hi

    I just want to open a thread for those who applied to chla transition rn fellowship program. I have been trying to find answers and all . I hope with this thread we can update each other.

    for starters you can indicate to which unit you applied to and if you have heard any updates from them

    as for me i applied to niccu .

    good luck to everyone
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  3. by   MyiaKelli
    Hey! I applied for the program in the NICU as well. I haven't heard anything but I am anxious to know.
  4. by   RN0037
    Hey. I applied to 6 West. Just had an interview yesterday. I was told I can check in with my recruiter to inquire about my progress next week. So I'm crossing my fingers. Good luck to you guys.
  5. by   MyiaKelli
    Congrats! How was your interview? Any advice?
  6. by   RN0037
    Quote from MyiaKelli
    Congrats! How was your interview? Any advice?
    Well I'm not really sure if the interview was a success or not. I haven't heard back. It felt like we it went well to me only because they appeared engaged and interested in our conversation. It was one of the most pleasant interviews I had. The people who interviewed me where not at all intimidating and were very nice. They asked me some typical questions like Why CHLA? What got you to applied to the position? Tell us about your most difficult patient and how did you handle it? How did you handle conflict? Nothing that's a curve ball - it was all pretty straight forward. I was not asked any clinical questions as oppose to other interviews that I had, so that made it easier. It seemed that they mainly want to get to know me and my personality. I hope this helps a bit. Not sure if this would apply with the NICU program.
  7. by   bluetrinkets
    Quote from MyiaKelli
    Congrats! How was your interview? Any advice?
    have you heard back from them? i havent at all :/
  8. by   RN0037
    Has anybody hear back from their interview yet?
  9. by   bluetrinkets
    at least you got the interview chance. i hope you got it
  10. by   MyiaKelli
    I haven't heard anything...hoping to hear something before Christmas lol
  11. by   RN0027
    Hi! I just finished my NICCU interview with 3 managers today. I was so nervous I don't think I did well. I wish I hadn't let the nerves get the best of me. I was told that they are interviewing candidates until November 28. If selected, second round of interview with the staff will be on December 11. They said they would only pick 6 candidates. Not sure how many applied.

    I was asked if I had attended any NICU related conferences and if I had PALS. I had none. I let my PALS expire because I never used it in the adult setting.

    Just curious what everyone's work background is. I have been an adult med/surg tele nurse for almost 8 years and finally had the courage to go for my dream job.
  12. by   MyiaKelli
    Congrats! I'm super anxious now and hope to get a call soon...there is still time lol. Ive been a nurse for 5 years and my background is in adult critical care. I'm currently a travel nurse right now. My last travel contract let me work in the PICU and i fell in love so I'm looking for a staff job working with children.
  13. by   MyiaKelli
    Did they call or email you to let you know about the interview?
  14. by   RN0037
    I just heard from the 6West recruiter. Didn't make it in this round. They said that I'm a better fit elsewhere so they looking to see if they can give me an interview with the other units. I suppose I'll just have to keep trying. I would really like to work in pediatics. About my background, I'm a medsurg nurse with 2 years of experience. Good luck to everyone.