Cedars Sinai August 2018 New Grad - page 4

Is anyone else hoping to be chosen for the August 2018 New Grad Program at Cedars Sinai?... Read More

  1. by   HollRN
    Just asked to join! Thanks for making it!
  2. by   RN53092
    Has anyone received any HR paperwork yet since getting the offer?
  3. by   SukhinaRN
    Would you mind giving me some tips for the interview? I am applying for October cohort. What certifications did you have in your resume? What do you think made you special among other candidates?
    Thank you!
  4. by   RN53092
    Good Luck
    I personally just had BLS and my RN license. If you have job experience related to nursing, make sure to make that a priority when you are answering questions.

    My biggest piece of advice would be to be prepared with anecdotes that can be applied to many questions like, "Tell us a time when you felt peer pressure and how to did you handle it?" "Tell us how you function in a team role" Be ready to talk about your experience and give specific examples but be precise. Smile a lot and do not be rigid. It's a conversation, not an interogation. The interview goes by really fast so make sure you say what you feel is important at the beginning. It may not come up otherwise.
  5. by   Anna_r93
    Can anyone please tell me when do applications open and close? I am looking forward to apply now so i can work in 2019!
  6. by   RN53092
    Set up a job alert. New Grads - Cedars-Sinai