Accept PCA offer at Hoag or wait for new grad RN position in California?

  1. Hi all!

    New grad RN here and recent transplant to Southern California that would love some advice on whether or not to accept a PCA position at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach versus holding out for a new grad RN position elsewhere.

    To give you an idea of my background, I graduated this past summer, have an RN license from another state and am awaiting CA license by endorsement. Based on processing times on the CA BON site, I hope to receive my license by the end of March. I've also heard the unfortunate stories of it sometimes taking 6months to receive (which would mean I wouldn't get mine until June).

    I am finding most hospitals will not look at my application without a CA license. I was offered a PCA position at Hoag Hospital and was told that many of their PCAs with an RN license transfer into internal RN positions within 12months.

    My question is should I accept this PCA position and work to transfer to an RN position within the hospital? Or should I hold out for my CA license to be processed and apply to new grad and residency positions in the area (knowing that these are limited and highly competitive)?


    • I have to sign a 1-year commitment contract so I cannot be shopping around for RN jobs while holding this job
    • If RN positions do not become available for PCAs within the Hoag network, will I be losing a year I could have had to gain RN experience?
    • The pay is less ($15/hr) than my current nannying position ($20/hr)


    • Get to know the hospital, staff, computer system before starting a new grad RN position
    • Being able to take additional certifications through the hospital for free
    • Network and foster relationships with units I would be interested in working on
    • The HR interviewer seemed fairly confident that most PCAs were able to transfer into RN positions
    • I do not have the ability to relocate at this time and given my nursing experience/network is outside of CA, this could be a good opportunity to tap into a new network

    Sorry this post is so lengthy! I really appreciate any input in advance
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  3. by   KrisSik9921
    I wouldn't accept the PCA position because of the one year commitment. You already graduated this summer so are out of nursing school between anywhere from 6-9 months...another 12 months on top of that is quite a bit! Ie You can still apply to New Grad Nurse Residencies in California without your license. Even though they are competitive a lot of them still accept you with 6-12 months worse case scenario get a job in a LTC/outpatient type setting in March/June when you are endorsed and reapply if you don't get accepted the first time around.
  4. by   KrissyBe
    I would jump on the PCA job! Hoag is a top hospital. I know the hospital well, and I know they receive roughly 1000 applications a month. No, I am not exaggerating. Most hospitals around here received 700-1000 applications. There is no shortage of nurses here and the competition is crazy. I was told last year that Hoag's new grad program has been postponed until this summer, which tells you they don't need new RNs. Most hospitals around here will take the experienced new grad. I have had talks with people at Hoag (through my affiliation with them via a community program they sponsor) and they will move their PCAs into their new grad program. It certainly can't hurt to talk to their HR about it, for your peace of mind.

    This market is tough. And you need your CA RN license in hand when you start. There are plenty of licensed CA RNs the hospitals can choose.

    Good luck! This SoCal is a struggle, but it all works out eventually.
  5. by   mw0603
    Thank you so much to both of you for your responses. I just received my license (yay!), but still have a lot to think about as far as next moves. SoCal is a struggle for new nurses, but I appreciate your encouragement!