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We are short staffed now. Nurses have 5-6 patients on day shift and no nursing aides. So nurses continue to do what RNs normally do: assess patients, pass medications, call doctors... On the top we... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    Was your paralyzed patient eventually fed a late lunch? Whatever became of the patient? Did the patient not get anything to eat until dinner? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Steve123
    I just was listening to my manager without talking back. Precious 30 minutes were killed on this conversation. I initially planned to spend those 30 minutes to feed my patient who was paralyzed, nonverbal but ate well, if you fed him.
    wow...i also agree the pt advocate displayed absolutely no judgment in discerning a valid complaint from a meager whine.
    seriously, why not just hire a parrot (as pa) then, since all she is doing is repeating random words.
    and same with nm too.
    still, while you i know you are to be commended for doing total nsg care, you steve, aren't totally in the clear either.
    this was seriously an inadvertent case of neglect and pt being fed, should have taken priority over listening to 30 mins worth of non-sensical ranting.
    please, should there be a next time...definitely speak up.
    the meeting could have been postponed...
    and your nm would have either done so, or delegated the fdg to someone else.
  3. by   lkulmann
    The nurse manager needed to validate her job by making her presence known on the unit...ugh
  4. by   wooh
    The world of customer service. Patient can verbalize a bogus complaint: spend 30 minutes on it. Nonverbal patient can't verbalize a complaint: who cares if they eat.