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Hi all I am a new nurse 4 mos off orientation working on a med/surge nuero floor 6 patient ratio. Its a brutal floor and yet.. I manage to survive albeit exhausted and oft times just disillusioned... Read More

  1. by   GM2RN
    Quote from Kidrn911
    I find if interesting that people say housekeepjng does not do patient care. I have worked at many hospitals were housekeepers have to know CPR. If giving CPR isn't patient care, then what is?
    While it is true that housekeepers are required to know CPR, it's also true that housekeepers do not give day-to-day patient care. I don't believe it is an accurate assessment of a housekeeper's duties to say that housekeepers give patient care just because they are required to know how to give CPR in the event of an emergency. I would even venture a guess that most housekeepers go their entire lives without ever giving CPR. To me, saying that a housekeeper gives patient care is the same as saying that any layperson who knows how to do CPR gives patient care.
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  2. by   applesxoranges
    How did this even come around? Did the housekeeper tell someone? Did the patient complain?
  3. by   Phoenix2541
    I know I am replying very late, but to answer your question, the patient told 1 of the dr's about it, the dr ran it by by the charge nurse, who did in fact play it down by saying "don't do that again". The patient told her mother and that got to the NM. The patient let me know she ratted me out and said"no hard feelings she just had to clear the air". This person was a "known" problem on the the floor and the hosp was handling her with kid gloves
  4. by   Flatlander
    Did you keep your job?
  5. by   laKrugRN
    I personally think it would be unjust for you to be fired over a piece of tape and an outrageous claim of PTSD. However, I'd be apologetic and hopefully you will keep your job!
  6. by   klone
    People, this is an old thread. The patient was not claiming PTSD from the tape application. The patient had a previous dx of PTSD. No, the OP did not keep his/her job. Hopefully by now s/he has a better one. OP, did you fight the contract repayment?
  7. by   Phoenix2541
    Didn't have to pay and got some malpractice insurance. I am not in love with Nursing at least here in this region. Too many ego trippers, ankle nippers and
    And provincial thinkers. I'm used to being able to have "relationships" with co-workers. I'm disillusioned with it all
  8. by   canoehead
    If it makes you feel any better, I would've been fired from that job within about a week. If the housekeeper can be in the room doing his job without setting off her PTSD, surely he can put on a piece of tape with you chaparoning while you get your PPE on. Save the IV or dressing for the minute it takes you to get in there, and you can easily fix or redress it when you're ready. That was crap.

    Are they trying to lay off people and looking for a reason to downsize?
  9. by   Phoenix2541
    No, it is simply you as a nurse are as replaceable as used AA batteries. The caveat to it also is.. some nurses can fugg up majorly and get NO smack-down. Huh, that's interesting, so there is a definite game going on here. I was informed of that lil tid bit of info after speaking with some nurses after deed was done. Nursing has developed some wonderful skill sets within me, that were not as "developed" before. I have a lot more self-esteem, knowing that my value is not contingent upon what/how I deliver bottom line services to a profit driven industry who is spear-headed by persons with little to no understanding of the science of the nursing profession. I will not be summarily, chomped on, whipped upon, de-based, bamboozled by persons who are all part of zombie like culture where management (and some co-workers) walk around seemingly unthreatening and safe til they get to close to you and try to eat you.. Ha Ha. Nursing is such a joke these days, and I am a new nurse guys, grad 2012. I still love it, I still feel there is value, the business aspect is dreadful.
  10. by   adventure780
    I got so called terminated because of one complaint it was not fair because I devoted most of my time with that patient and even skipped my lunch break. Later they told me I am not a failure as I handed my badge back to them. Three years later I work on a subacute rehab and I sometimes ask to be in charge. So yeah I am not a failure. I just needed to find another path to successs