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So someone please provide me with the requirements for correct standard of care in an ER that must be followed for women of childbearing age. I need the pregnancy testing requirements please and... Read More

  1. by   hppygr8ful
    When I was in a car accident a year ago the doc in the ER asked how old I was (55) and when my last period was (about two years) "So no chance you're pregnant?" he asked "Not unless baby Jesus is coming back!" I quipped. off to CT I went with no urine pregnancy test.

  2. by   Cat365
    As far as x-ray. I would ask the x-ray techs. They know which x-rays can be done without a negative pregnancy test. At my facility all abdominal x-rays require them. Some x-rays can be shielded and some allow a patient to sign a waiver. As far as meds, unless it's an emergency I don't pass anything that I wouldn't give during pregnancy. Unless the patient has had a hysterectomy. Tubes being tied, I'm gay, I'm not sexually active, etc don't count. I would check you Hospital's policy for specifics but that's my broad category.

    My hospital's policy is rather strict before CT and x-ray from what I understand. Unless it's truely an emergency. I've decided that the techs know all. If I have a question I just ask them.
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