Telemetry Nursing

  1. I can't find anything as far as laws, does anyone know if it's okay to take care of tele patients after certification has run out? I haven't been recertified in over a year and my agency wants me to take tele patients anyway. I'm worried about my license.
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  3. by   ParvulusPuella
    What kind of certification did you have in the first place?
  4. by   ELMS54
    Yearly from the hospitals I worked before going to an agency.
  5. by   herring_RN
    Most states have competency requirements. They are generally not specific.
    I think at minimum any nurse caring for patients requiring cardiac monitoring should have ACLS and recent experience.
  6. by   KBICU
    I am an RN in NH and you go through a basic dysrhythmia course but you are able to work in tele and sign off strips immidiately
  7. by   tammysuern
    I am a TELE nurse. I took the PCCN exam however it was not required. We do continuous education and have an education RN on staff on the floor as well.
  8. by   NayRN
    certified in what? I work med-surg/tele, and there are actually very few of us who have ACLS. It's kind of on a limited voluntary basis. I didn't get it myself until I had been on the floor for over 2 years. I have also taken some basic and advanced tele courses/seminars. These are not, however, required.

    Along the same lines-I once overheard a nurse say "oh my gosh, he's getting insulin and he doesn't have IV access! We can't do that!" I laughed and asked her what she thought he did at home (this was not a new insulin user).