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I hope I am posting this right. My question is do any of you out there have to take call. Basically if we are overstaffed (yes I said overstaffed) and/or don't have enough patients on the... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    We get 2 bucks an hour for call, and then if they dont "need" us on a regular scheduled day they will either call us off(sometimes mandetory) without pay, or they call off from a standing list for those who want to be called off(without pay). We also have the option of taking our vacation hours or any left over holiday hours if we want to make up the loss of wages for the day.
    The only problem i have is if you are 12 hour shift, they will only give you call for the first 8,, or call you off for the first 8. If you dont hear from them again in the middle of the day and tell you that you can stay home,, you end up working the last 4 hours of your shift.
    Id rather go to work, do my 12 and forget it. No point in taking the call off if you have to break the day and go in at 3. They dont even bother calling me and asking if i want off anymore unless it is for a mandetory time off because they know i wont accept.
  2. by   NurseKrissy
    We are on call every other week for eight hour shifts, mandatory. We get a whole 1.75 an hour while on call. If you get called in and maybe you only have to stay a few hours then the rest of your call is not cancelled, oh no. You get to go back home and sit by the phone. And, most of the time when we get called in it is to float to another unit sometimes two units. It sucks, I don't recommend taking a job where you have to be on call so much.
  3. by   KailuaNurse
    At the hospital that I work you have call for either 8 hours or twelve hours everyother week (the number of hours depends on your percentage of full time worked; the closer to 40 hours a week you work, the lessyour call). We get paid $3.50 and hour then if we get called in we get overtime plus the $3.50 an hour.

    On days that our census is low you can opt to take a no pay and just go home, or you can opt to take a no pay with call, which means you get the call-time differential and then get paid overtime if you get called in.
  4. by   onco gal
    At our hospital we are "flexed off" if they can't "float us to another unit, when our census is low. Rather than "flex" everyone, they ask if we will take call at $3/hr. If we are called in we are paid time and a half. But we are not on call for 12 hr, However, I have been called in as late as 3pm. This is the only hospital I have worked that has this crazy call stuff!
  5. by   sandyth
    The RNs at my facility, 8 of us take turns being on call for weekends. My weekend comes up every 8 weeks. If i can get someone to go in for .. thats ok i get paid $45 each day Fri Sat and Sunday unless i go in to work then I get my salary, plus charge pay and $3 on the hour more. Our on call system works out ok.

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