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It's incredible! just went down stairs to use their xerox machine and everyone of their staff members is sound asleep, all wrapped up in blankets and "Mouth Wide Open." They just don't care about... Read More

  1. by   anonymous
    I am a 3-11 nurse and always have been. Recently there were two 11-7 positions open due to the night nuses taking other jobs. As a result I got placed on that shift as a temporary fill in. What an eye opening experience. In as little as 45 minutes into the shift, the aides were already in a recline and sleep mode. I woke them up and kept them moving. The second night it was the same routine., sooooo we had a little mini inservice on the term "negligence" and the consequences of. I told them my brother-in-law was a prosecuting attorney and would love to represent the patients here at this facility. It is true that my brother-in-law is an attorney and has told me many horror stories related to nursing. Maybe that is why I am so conscience of the legal aspects of nursing. At any rate, by the third night, it was back to business as usual, clock in and find a spot to sleep. I told the DON that I would not and could not have anyone under my supervision sleeping. If i had to go into a court of law because of a patient injury due to negligence, I could not lie about the caregiver staff being asleep. It was my license that was at risk. I asked her to put me back on the 3-11 shift. At first she did not want to do it because they would have to use agancy to fill the nursing position on 11-7 and it would not be "cost effecient". I resigned and applied with other facilities. The DON then called and gave me my 3-11 shift back. I have not worked another 11-7 since. My heart went out to the patients. They needed to be turned and hydrated and cleaned. They needed to have their call lights within reach and siderails up. I always made rounds and made sure the siderails were up and call lights were within reach. Maybe I am just from the old school when nursing meant caring for the sick and the injured. I would want to know the people I entrusted my loved ones with would give them excellent care and meet their needs. Sleeping staff members can not hear someone climbing around bedrails, or standing by the bed in a puddle of urine at risk for falling, or spilling water when trying to get a drink. Then there are the patients that can't make a sound because of a trach, or the patient that has pulled at the iv tubing or the g/tube. Now both 11-7 positions have been filled and I haven't heard the two new nurses address the issue of the staff sleeping.
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    Ok, I feel bad now. I work 7pm-7am in onco/hem. bone marrow transplant ped. I don't need to sleep on nights but some of the other nurses I work with need their nap and I totally understand. I work in a very busy unit, always running (like all of you guys)...Due to the shortage of nurses here we are only 3 nurses(sometimes 4 when we're lucky enough to get a float) on night for 10 to 15 very sick kids. Some of them should be 1 to 1 but we can't. So we run and run and run and run...and get tired. And in order to be efficient some of my collegues need to take an hour nap. But as soon as they hear we're in trouble they get up, break over or not.
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    I hate to address this topic AGAIN, but I love Donuts, if your floor is so busy and you guys have to "run and run and run" when exactly do you have time to sleep for an hour at a time?
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    There will always be people who nap on the night shift, meaning that eyes closed ...I never condoned it and couldn't and wouldn't do it myself...Old school,however,if someone is exhausted and it isn't busy, I suggest they go lie down, and be on call for that time frame, with approval from the supervisor...
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    Navynurse, I assume it is on the break that all staff are entitled by labor laws to have. My floor is never really quiet either, but I am not going to work 12 hours without any break as this is unfair to me and my patients. There are nurses who choose to martyr themselves this way, but I am not one of them.
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    That's what I meant.
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    Duh, my bad, I forgot all about the break! Silly me, touche.
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    Do you get your breaks navynurse? I have never worked in a military environment. My philosophy has always been, I am not a volunteer. I either get my break or I get paid for the time.
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    I've worked floors where the nurses and nursings asst take turn sleeping for short periods of time. Night shift is 12 hour 7pm to 7:15 Am. Staff is entitled to a dinner break and two 15 minute breaks. If a staff member wants to sleep on their break time how can we stop that. I'ts their time their entitled to it.
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    Originally posted by fergus51
    Do you get your breaks navynurse? I have never worked in a military environment. My philosophy has always been, I am not a volunteer. I either get my break or I get paid for the time.
    Hi Fergus, I am not in the military anymore, but when I was we got breaks for meal time and for the people that smoked, they got breaks, but NOBODY in their right mind would ever use that time to sleep! It just wasn't done, especially in a military setting. I realized how judgemental I sounded and for that I apologize, I joined the Navy when I was seventeen years old, and basically I guess it was just how I was trained. Now that I am working and going to school in the civilian world, I still don't think I could sleep at work, even on my breaks. Old habits die hard but I didn't mean to sound like the witch from hell.:kiss

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    Yawnnnnnn! I understand the problem if patient safety is at risk. However, I need a nap on nights as I can't sleep well during the day and am like a bear with a sore head when it comes to 7am and handover. I feel physically sick on nights. I HAVE to work nights due to staff numbers. However, as long as my patients are SAFE and the ward is adequatley covered by safe, competent staff, I will go for a sleep break. It is MY break. I don't get paid for my break, it's my business what I do with it. What's the problem??????? Jesus, I'm already sacrifising an increased risk of cancer and premature death for working nights. Give me a break!!!

    Additionally, some of my collegues smoke. Thus they get EXTRA breaks for smoking, they also have to leave the ward area and go outside and are uncontactable. At least I am in the ward area and am available if needed as I wake up in an instant.
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  13. by   fergus51
    Don't worry Michelle! I always give people the benefit of the doubt on this bb! I can't sleep on breaks either. I have never been able to feel refreshed after an hour of sleep. I use my break time to read or go to the coffee shop, but I always make sure to get off the unit for a bit to rest my mind. I used to not mind having to stay an extra 15 minutes at the end of a shift and miss one or two breaks a shift. Then I realized how silly I aws being. What incentive does a hospital have to staff properly if I will wear myself down for free?