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A certain facility I used to work at is being sued by an atty for a family had a member pass away there. Since it's the facility being sued and not me specifically, should I get malpractice... Read More

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    Quote from gwenith
    I still like the set-up we have. Out union is our insurer. That means I can go to htem with ANY problem - I have sent depositions to the union to have them peruse before sending it on. They are there not only to cove me for malpractice but sine I am covered by vicarious liability they will go to bat for me if my employer turns around and tries to sue me.

    !!!!! A wonderful setup. What is your union?
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Wendy is in Australia, where I am sure things work quite differently than here (in the USA anyhow) .
  3. by   mscsrjhm
    Yes, saw that. Just wanting to investigate a possible web site, to see what we are missing.
  4. by   gwenith
    It is very different here - for one we are a far more unionised country than America - that does not mean eveyone is in the union or that we are totally happy with it but the system of combining union and insurance seems to work out well. I do believe we would have far fewer members of the union if it were not our source of insurance.
    Here is a link

    Professional Indemnity Insurance

    When something goes wrong...
    Nurses know - no matter how careful they are, mistakes can happen. When they do nurses can be faced with the prospect of investigation by the QNC, the CMC, the Health Rights' Commission, Coroners' Inquests or civil action through the Courts.

    QNU membership provides professional indemnity insurance for the majority of our members.*

    If you are a financial member of the Union, provide nursing services and are an employee the Professional Indemnity Insurance policy is designed to cover you. If you are not sure if you are covered please contact us.

    Because we represent over 31000 nurses in Queensland, we have been able to take out group insurance, which operates on a claims made basis. The limit of indemnity cover is $5 million for each and every claim and in the aggregate.

    * Independent privately practising midwives are not covered by the QNU Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    Insurance is only part of the picture...

    In most cases, members who have drawn upon our insurance cover have needed assistance with industrial and professional issues. Insurance does not cover everything, and it cannot provide the support and advice you may need at a very traumatic time.

    You need informed professional and industrial support...

    Our professional officers have many years of experience in dealing with these situations. When something goes wrong it can also have an impact on your employment. You may be cautioned, warned or even dismissed. In this situation you need industrial representation as well. With QNU membership you can have the confidence that our officials understand this situation and have the skills and experiences to represent your case.

    Professional Indemnity Insurance does not cover cases before the Queensland Nursing Council...

    You may be called to answer a case before the QNC. With QNU membership you get free representation before the Queensland Nursing Council. Depending on the issue, representation will be provided by our experienced Legal Officer.

    We are here to help you...

    If you believe you are in the situation where you may require legal assistance or may need to make a claim on Professional Indemnity Insurance, it is extremely important that you contact the union immediately so that we can notify the insurers.

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