Pay rate at VA hospitals?

  1. Just curious about what the pay rate for RN's are at a VA hospital. I worked in a VA hospital 10 years ago as an aide and made over $7 an hour.
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  3. by   Huganurse
    Pay rates vary in the VA hospitals depending on education and years of experience. You can not move up the ladder without the education levels to go with it. The rates are competitive and sometimes a little better than surrounding area non VA hospitals rates. The benefits are great.
  4. by   nurseducateu
    Huganurse is correct! Working in the VA system can be nice. But to move up education is a must and the VA I worked in was not very "pro" education. Not given opportunities to attend education offerings. Funds or assistance never available! Benefits are great, a lot of paid vacation days that most of the civillian sectors don't recognize. Pay rates adjusted with local hospital RN pay salaries in order to keep competetive with area hospitals. Changes are being made to attract nurses, worth checking out!
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  5. by   moonrose2u
    does one have to rotate shifts to work as an rn in the va system?
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I worked at the VAMC in Indpls for several years in the 90's and on the med-surg floor, yes, unfortunately, I did have to rotate shifts. I moved to an ICU and worked straight nights.