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i would like to know anyone's opinion on nurses who smoke. i know someone who works in an outpatient cancer center, and on her breaks she smokes outside while patients are going in and out of the... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    here lies another useless thread degraded to insults.....

    just like the bush and kerry threads, no one is changing minds here. maybe it's time to lock it up....its beyond pointless now.
  2. by   Energizer Bunny
    Deb...I agree the debate is long over. The problem is, another thread will just be started again about the same old topic.
  3. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from CNM2B
    Deb...I agree the debate is long over. The problem is, another thread will just be started again about the same old topic.
    and also as deb said, with the same old degrading insults. we're a sensitive bunch, aren't we?
  4. by   chronicTX
    this post is just for your view on this issue, and i am a neutral. i have been a smoker for several years, and i will be graduating from nursing school in the spring. many people including my instructors have been so negative towards my smoking, i just want to know what to expect when i get into the work place. are nurses ok with this? i know that its bad for me, and i know i should quit, but thats easier said then done. any suggestions???

    you're not alone. ive been on the same boat. it was disgusting really, and i felt compelled to stop it. common, we give health teachings and all. "smoking blah! blah! blah! can cause blah! blah! blah!"... it's like a slap on my face!!! man, don't get offended. it's serious, and as health advocates, we should be the first to set it straight. i quitted after 2pack years... now i got my self steem back. i did it, you can too...
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Now, most of us made NO moral judgements on people who smoke, drink, whatever. There was a post that was very insulting a ways back in the thread to smokers, and a few generalizations made here. But overall, most are not saying smokers are bad or immoral people!

    My only desire is it remain at home or in the car, not on hospital grounds. I don't think it's unfair and I am not insulting anyone saying this. The fact is, no one can hide smoke residues when they smoke with Febreeze, strong gums, perfume, etc. (often it makes it worse to me). If it bothers me as a nurse/coworker, I can only imagine for some patients how it can be, esp. those who are nauseated. To think no one can smell it on a smoker is untrue. you can't cover it up. And while you may not care, as nurses we SHOULD care how we smell to our patients (within the realm of our control), be it of perfume, strong hairsprays/deodorants/lotions, or smoke. If that is insulting to anyone, I am sorry. If that seems a moral judgment, I don't know what else to say except individual morals do vary.

    Peace everyone.
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  6. by   canoehead
    After 10 pages I'm going to close this thread. Feel free to start another if you think you have a fresh perspective- but please read through this one before you do.

    Thanks, canoehead