1. i have a question that concerns medications in long term care--have been a nurse for 17 plus years, most of it in the long term care setting-- could someone tell me-- in the state of michigan is it legal to "borrow" narcotics from one resident to another-- have been living in the state of michigan for one year and am seeing this as a common practice in the nursing homes-- when one resident runs out of a pain medication such as ES Vicodin it is not unusual to see the nursing staff look in their narcotic lock box to see if there is someone else is on the same med and if there is to "borrow" for the resident that is without. have been told that this is acceptable because the phrase "not available" is a touchy issue with the state-- we are to provide the medication no matter what-- i don't feel comfortable with this because i was always taught that it is against the law to use prescribed medcation for someone else-- it is usually clearly marked on the prescription bottles-- my gut feeling tells me not to borrow-- that this is indeed against the law-- anyone have any comments on this
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    If you receive a script (or VO for a script) and you cannot dispense because you don't have it on hand that's when you contact your pharmacy for immediate delivery. If for some reason the pharmacy cannot get it to you then you should contact the MD and recommend a comparable med to give (from the e-kit) until pharmacy can deliver.
    Something comparable to Vicodin SHOULD be in your e-kit. You are right not to borrow from another resident and you are also right that to write "not available" on the back of the MAR is a no-no. State DOES frown on that for it is our job as nurses to follow the orders that are given. If your e-kit doesn't have a wide enough variety of meds then this should be reviewed with your DON.
  4. by   nynurse1
    Hi Tiger
    Im julee and im new here
    i will share what you what we always have done

    in your setting .....
    when someone runs out
    you should havea form you fill out for both the borrower and the borrowee .....
    in the narc book when you sign it out ? write "borrowed for Mrs. Smith , for instance .....
    as long as you have legal forms that are on file its ok in a nursing home settting i believe .....
    i had to describe this proceedure to the state during one of their annual visits and they said it was a great proceedure if that helps any lolol
    have a great day
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Contact your states pharmacy board if your pharmacist is unable to answer. Different states have different rules and regulations...also must have a policy in place for this situation.

    Agree with Rusty hammers advice. NYnurse1 advise may pertain only to her state....see borrowing as fraught with potential problems. IMO.
  6. by   kids
    I don't know Michigan but I do know that narcotics are a DEA issue and it is NOT 'ok' with the feds to 'borrow' meds.
  7. by   nynurse1
    let me make this clear
    never did i say i approved of it or liked it
    actually i think it stinks and it makes just one more way for us to error
    all i m saying is the reality is in this state they allow it if it is documented
    there are many things i dissaprove of as most of you do to that happen
    ty have a really nice day

    .... Julee